Guildball: Fangtooth and Lucky

Next up for me for Guildball are these two:Fangtooth (Easter Bunny) - The UnionLucky - Brewers & MasonsNeither of these models will see masses of table time if im honest, Fangtooth doesn't really fit how i play Morticians and i prefer the Solthecian (Church in...

Guildball: Thesher, Skulk and The Skaldicfest Duo

Continuing with the alternate sculpts for Guildball, here are the latest four i've completed:Farmer's Guild - Thresher (Captain)Mortician's Guild - Skulk (Future Ratcatcher's Subguild)Brewer's Guild (Skaldicfest) - Quaff (Mascot) and Esters (Captain)Loving painting...

Guildball: More Morticians for me!

I lied, i decided to get these three Guildball models painted yesterday and today instead of moar warmaster haha, i needed them done for a tourney next week so ho hum:Alternate RageBrainpan & MemoryRage is the Steamcon exclusive alternate sculpt that can be used...

Guildball: Rounding out the Morticians

With these two the current line up of Morticians are now complete:CasketObulus - CaptainThat's it for Guildball for a bit, i have a few days till i start the first proper job of 2017 so its time to get a small project or two out of the way.

Guildball: Ghast

Closing in now on a fully painted team with Ghast now done:I have Casket on the painting table and managed to acquire a separate metal Obulus via a trade site and he is in the post so not much more to go.