Finished! Dire Avengers

Just when I thought I was done with tabletop quality my local buddy asked I could paint up a quick squad of Dire Avengers so he can get his shadow wars on. I was happy to oblige and was able to paint them up alongside other projects in a couple afternoons.

Finished! Wraithlord

I'm back! California was great and I'm planning to return. Pretty much going to go nomad in the future but I'll save that for another post. For now it's back business and business in very busy :) This is a piece I started right before leaving and couldn't quite give...

WIP Wraithknight Part Two

You're not seeing it wrong, this is a different Wraithknight from last time..I decided to switch gears quick and start a project I could finish before my vacation. I'll be visiting California this weekend for a hefty 10 days. I might be moving there so I have some...

WIP: Eldar Combat Patrol

First step is getting that fine fine turquoise to come out juuuust riiiight.Something for my local buddy Kevin as there has been some interest in combat patrol. Can I paint these before GW changes that? Satay tuned and find out!