On Bloody Ground: Battlefield Bystanders

 One last thing to finish off for my Normans; the Battlefield Bystanders:These are an optional for in OBG, a mini diorama of camp followers or similar that you can deploy after setting up your characters... they cant move or be placed within six inches of...

On Bloody Ground: Mounted Milities and done!

 Finished up the last unit for my Normans in On Bloody Ground:A second regiment of Norman heavy cavalry to round out my force ready for our demo day on Saturday; Quite a few people are coming along and we should have 9/10 armies available to game with so it...

On Bloody Ground: Mounted Milities!

 Finally on to the Norman Knights, the Mounted Milities!These are from Victrix same as the rest of the plastics so far, the next unit of them i have is from Conquest Games, they are a bit older but I've been a fan of the range for many years having faced them in...

On Bloody Ground: Moar Stippendari!

 This is the last of my current infantry blocks finished, 20 Stippendari mercenaries!Time to start on all the Knights now, 24 of the buggers to do haha

On Bloody Ground: Norman Archers

 Quick unit of archers for my force before i go on holiday!Three regiments to go now; two Norman Knights and one more Stippendari then the army is done for the games day we have planned on the 14th July!