The Jawa Forge Returns!! 32mm Scenic Resin Bases

Hey all!  My army of Jawas have been working hard and I present to you the first fruits of their labors...32mm Scenic Resin Bases!This first set from the new Jawa Forge is based on a crystaline cron tomb world.  Crystals of various sizes are jutting up from...

Tutorial – Wasteland Bases

After finally deciding on how I was going to base my orks and what colours I was going to paint the bases I have finally been making progress on the first 50 bases that I ordered. Here is my tutorial … Continue reading →

Resin Bases Have Arrived

After finally deciding on my basing scheme last week i was very excited when my first batch of resin bases turned in the post yesterday. Theses bases were ordered from a seller that i have featured on my conversion parts … Continue reading →