Retro Monday #8: Trojan!

A very early vehicle for this blog here. A scratchbuilt/kitbashed open-topped Imperial Guard Trojan, from back when this blog was young, and actually all about AFVs for my now dusty Imperial Guard army. Hard to believe it's from 2010.

Retro Monday #7: Tank Trap Tutorial

Another blast from the past here. It's beginning to look as though the most popular posts cluster in 2013. Let's see if we can change that - and not just with the help of these strange Russian robots that keep skewing the visitor counts!

Retro Monday #4: USS Saladin conversion for ACTA: SF

This nostalgic entry is filling me with a desire to play a game of ACTA: SF at some point over Christmas, provided I can persuade my brother to lend me his admiralship. This little ship is quite sweet, and I really enjoyed making her. She deserves another outing!