It is that time again for the Blood of Kittens yearly update.

It couldn’t come at a better time!

With the release of 40k 6th edition it was time use that new game smell and update the Blood of Kittens Network.

The overarching purpose of this update is to make finding content easier and faster than ever before. Since content is going to be much easier to discover it means a lot more of it will be coming your way!

There are plenty of new things to talk about so lets get right into it!

New Front Page Layout

The new front page layout is designed to find content, that you the reader wants to find. If you don’t want to read my latest rants, but just the latest tournament results, there is a section for you! You can easily navigate to all past content for each topic as well.

Email Lists

New Email Lists that anyone can join. Join BoK and any of our groups you will receive an email notifying you when particular new content is posted. The important part, is you pick the content you want and have a daily digest email sent straight to your inbox.


This was the hardest decision to make, but comments are no more. Instead, if you want to discuss  the latest BoK content you have to join the corresponding group or like us on Facebook.

Beyond 40k

You will start to see content that isn’t all just about Warhammer 40k, but don’t worry! With the release of 6th new 40k content will arrive designed like you never seen before on a blog.

Those are the big changes, but how do you get involved?

Here are the links you will need!

Join BoKGroup Email ListsOther BoK Blogs



What else is there?

Here is sneak preview of some of the new topics Blood of Kittens will be exploring.

Joining the Rumor Collectors. Expect up to date rumors with a truthiness meter to go along with it.
My adventures learning how to play and master Dust Warfare.
Posts chronicling things Games Workshop has actually done right.
Focusing on gamers and events west of the Rockies.

That is to name just a few.

Blood of Kittens will always be dedicated to 40k and with new brilliant 6th edition rules so expect a lot of conversation about that to follow!

With that, welcome again to the new BoK and have a safe and fun 4th of July!

 If you have questions or comments your always welcome to email me at though Blood of Kittens contact form.

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