Astra Militarum 9th Edition Codex Leak Compilation

Oct 18, 2022

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum 9th edition codex, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Astra Militarum 9th edition codex. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum 9th edition codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: Nov 12th 2022 Release Date: Nov 19th 2022

  • Astra Militarum Codex: $55
  • Astra Militarum Box Set: $200
  • Rogal Dorn: $110

Take following with some Salt

Regimental Doctrines

Mech infantry – may disembark after moving.

Parade Drill – already given on warhammer community article

Armoured superiority- Sentinels count as 3 models for objective’s. Other tanks 5. Super heavies count as 10

Blitz Division- costs halve PL when working what goes in reserve. Can deploy on turn 2 with the “turn 3” rules for setup

Bombadiers – if a Vox or sentinel can see a enemy unit and is within 12 from an artillery piece add +1 to hit

Heirloom weapons +4 inch range

Brutal Strength – moving and shooting heavy weapons no -1 hit. First turn in combat and +1 str for infantry

Grim Demonour – do negative rolls for combat attrition

Guerilla fighters – ranged attacks more. Than 18 inches away give infantry and sentinels soft cover

Elite shock troops – reroll one hit roll per unit

Industry efficiency – treat Ap1 as AP0

Swift as the wind – infantry gain +1 inch movement. All others gain +2. Also add +1 to charge rolls

Trophy hunter – attacks against monsters and vehicles get +1 str

Recon operators – Cavalry and sentinel units get a pre game move must end further than 9 inches away from the enemy.

That’s it for doctrines. HOWEVER you must give up “hammer of the emperor” which is massive!

Regimental Orders

In your command phase officers can issue orders 6 inch for regiment and perfectos orders. 12 inch for mechanised orders. If an officer disembarks from a transport it can issue an order as it was in the command phase.

FRFSRF – Heavy 3

Take Aim +1 to hit +1 AP

Fix Bayonets +1 to hit on Melee +1 AP

Take cover – Get light cover if already in light gain dense.

Move Move Move! +2 movement if you chose to advance auto 6 (no roll )

Suppression fire – target infantry unit only. Can only target 1 unit. If 5 or more hits are scored enemy unit subtracts 1 from hit rolls until your next shooting phase.

Tank Orders

Pound them to dust – when using blast weapons double the amount of models on the enemy unit.

Full Throttle – add 2inch movement. Count as stationary if advanced.

Gunners kill on sight – reroll 1’s To hit.

Blitz them!! – add +1 to charge rolls. If a charge is made roll a dice a 4+ inflicts D3 mortal wounds. (Dozer blades add +1 to “hit roll”

Shock and awe – Gain objective secured

Pinning fire – target infantry unit only. If 5 or more hits are made unit subtracts 2 from movement

Other Orders (possibly prefectus/commissar orders)

Forwards, for the Emperor! – When shooting,the unit counts as having Remained Stationary if it made a Normal Move or Advanced

Duty and Honour! – The unit can perform actions even if it Fell Back or Advanced, and shooting does not cause actions to fail.

Get Back in the Fight! – The unit can shoot or charge (but not both) in the same turn it Fell Back

At All Costs! – Unit pains Objective Secured (its models each count as 1 extra model if it already has this ability),

Show Them Steel, Show Them Contempt – Add 1 to the unit’s Leadership, and its models can ignore mortal wounds on a 5+

Remain Vigilant – units cannot be set up within 12*, and the unit can Hold Steady if charged (and its overwatch hits on a 5+)

Tank Aces

Name Unknown – SUPER-HEAVY model only. This model gains the OFFICER keyword and knows Mechanised Orders. In your Command phase, it can issue one Order, and the unit you select for that Order can be an ASTRA MILITARUM TITANIC unit.

METICULOUS CALIBRATOR – Ignores Enemy Light Cover

MECHANICAL PACK RAT- Transhuman on a tank

VETERAN COMMANDEER – Pick a bonus regimental doctrine

KNIGHT OF PIETY – This model has a 5++ invulnerable save. Ignore mortals on a 5+,

MASTER OF CAMOUFLAGE- Get light cover from ranged attacks over 12 inches away. Titanics must be 18”

STEEL COMMISSAR – Gains Commissar Orders, can order ogryn.

Psychic Powers

TERRIFYING VISIONS – Malediction: warp charge 6. select one enemy unit within 18″ Until the start of your next Command phase Subtract 2 from the Leadership + Your opponent cannot select that unit for the Insane Bravery Stratagem and no re-roll for Morale. Also roll 2D6 and if beat the enemy Ld they fail any actions they were doing

GAZE OF THE EMPEROR – Witchfire: warp charge 6. select one enemy model within 12″ of and visible. Draw a straight line between any part of that model’s base and PsYKER’s base. Roll one D6 for that enemy model’s unit, and one D6 for each other unit that this line passes over: on a 1-5, the unit being rolled for suffers 1 mortal wound; on a 6, the unit being rolled for suffers D3 mortal wounds,

PSYCHIC BARRIER – Blessing: warp charge 6. select one friendly ASTRA MILITARUM unit within 12″ of this PSYKER. models in that unit have a 5+ invulnerable save.

NIGHTSHROUD – Blessing: warp charge 6. select one friendly ASTRA MILITARUM unit within 12″ of this PsYKER. That unit gains transhit

MENTAL SHACKLES – Malediction: warp charge 6. select one enemy unit within 18″ of this PsYKER. -2″ from the Move + -2 from Advance and charge rolls

PSYCHIC MAELSTROM – Witchfire: warp charge 6. roll a number of D6 equal to the result of the Psychic test. for each 5+, the closest enemy within 18″ + visible suffers 1 mortal wound (max 6)

Warlord Traits.

If your warlord is not an officer it must have front line combatant

FRONT-LINE COMBATANT – melee attack: exploding 6s and +1 to wound

MASTER TACTICIAN – 3 unit redeploy and can go in strat reserves

GRAND STRATEGIST – CP refund on a 5+ (per CP spent)

SUPERIOR TACTICAL TRAINING – Select one type of order the model doesn’t know, it now knows them. E.g. officers can do commissar orders

OLD GRUDGES – select enemy unit pregame. Units with 6 inch of warlord have +1 to wound against that unit

LEAD BY EXAMPLE – can issue Orders to its own unit, even though you cannot normally select OFFICER.


THE EMPEROR’S BENEDICTION – range 18 Pistol 3 S4 AP1 D2 Abilities: ignore the Look Out, Sir rule. unmodified wound roll of 6 does 1 mortal wound in addition


DEATH MASK OF OLLANIUS – bearer + their unit gets a 4++

THE BARBICANT’S KEY Grand – Dark matter crystal/viel of shadows equivalent (e.g. pick up and put down same turn)

KUROV’S AQUILA – Vect equivalent (e.g., 1 enemy strat costs 1 more CP for the game)

GATEKEEPER 72” rang.: Blast. Turret Weapon. Heavy D3+6 str 9 ap-3 D3

RELIC OF LOST Cadia- Cadian only. Once per battle. (Aura): CADIAN INPANTRY in range get +1 WS and BS and attacks and Ld

ORDER OF THE BASTIUM STELLARIS – Transhuman for bearer and unit

PSY-SIGIL OF SANCTION Psyker model only know +1 power, cast +1 power

ARMOUR OF GRAF TOSCHENKO bearer gets 2+ save and +1 wound

LAURELS OF COMMAND Can issue one order (from a specific subset, not all orders) in the enemy turn. Once per game

Other Bits:

Core army rules. Hammer for the emperor stays “possibly new name” but add “units in 6 inches can use officers leadership” May forgo hammer of the emperor and pick 2 doctrines

Scions are now elites but may be taken as troops if your whole detachment is scions (+2 other keywords)

Chain of command. You must select an officer to be your warlord if your army includes any officers. You can only have 1 commandant in each detachment If you have a “commandant” he must be your warlord. Unless your army contains Lord Solar then he must be your WarlordOn the scion thing above they are taken in troops instead of elites. So you can’t have them in both slots.

Platoons are kinda back, different to how we have seen them before (not like back in 2nd/3rd ed). Special Deatchment rules (kinda like Dark eldar) and there is a platoon keywordCadian shock troop squads can double up on SW. Snipee rifles are Tanith specific now, or elite if in a different army..

artillery “are mortal wounds machines.”

new lord solar charachter he has a movement of 12 so he is a Calvary model. (Supreme commander)

No conscripts ? (but whiteshields have a datasheet)

No Veteans

No Commisar Yarrick

No special Weapon squads

No spam of special weapons anymore in storm trooper squads. 4 allowed in a 10 man squad max of 2 the same weapon. 5 man squads get 2 special weapons but can only have 1 of each type max.

No Pask , Creed or Kell

Rough riders confirmed to be back

Ok so hammer of the emperor stayed the same and adds 6″ if a leadership test is passed based as long as within 6″ of an officer or… 12″ with a vox

You can play scions as it’s own faction but lose a lot of abilities and about 25% of the codex is unusable

Lord Solar is what allows you to take scions as a troop. If creed is taken, she must be your Warlord as well.

Command squads are back. You attach people to them like the old days. Officer 4 guardsmen. Then a officer of fleet / ordnance / astropath. They all have 1 wound. You can also attach Ogryn body guard which has the “big rule” do if you target the unit you have to use his toughness etc. same as the one previewed in the chaos

Ogryn,Preachers / engineers are still independent and have more wounds etc

Orders still spread

Rogal Dorn Stuff:This model’s twin battle cannon can be replaced with 1 oppressor cannon and 1 co-axial autocannon.This model’s castigator gatling cannon can be replaced with 1 pulveriser cannonThis model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 meltaguns; 2 additional heavy stubbers.This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 heavy bolters; 2 multi-meltas.This model can be equipped with armoured tracks.Bs 4+ T9 2+ save (turret weapon rule)Oppressor cannon D6+3 shots Str10 Ap -3 Damage 4 Blast 90 inch rangeArmoured Tracks (upgrade) D1 weapons give you a +1 arm saveBetween 250-280 points17 wounds.

This model’s twin battle cannon can be replaced with 1 oppressor cannon and 1 co-axial autocannon.

This model’s castigator gatling cannon can be replaced with 1 pulveriser cannon

This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 meltaguns; 2 additional heavy stubbers.

This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 heavy bolters; 2 multi-meltas.

This model can be equipped with armoured tracks.

Bs 4+ T9 2+ save (turret weapon rule)

Oppressor cannon D6+3 shots Str10 Ap -3 Damage 4 Blast 90 inch range

Armoured Tracks (upgrade) D1 weapons give you a +1 arm save

Between 250-280 points

17 wounds

Heavy Lascannon:
Range: 48”
Shots: 1
Damage d6+6 (Ignores invuns)

Ogryns: Toughness +1 (to 6),
all Ogryns +2wounds (to 5),

Ability: Reduce damage by 1

Leman Russ:

Leman Russ Tank (AoC unknown) M10” WS6+ BS4+ S7 T8 W13 LD7 A5 2+ save

Turret Weapons have Turret keyword (+1 to hit when firing)

Demolisher D6 shots S9 Ap-3 Damage D3+3

Nova Cannon: Shots d6+3 SameS Same ap damage 3 (Ignores cover)

Executioner: Shots: Unknown S8 AP-4 Damage 3 (Always considered overcharged)

Exterminator Autocannon: Shots: Heavy 6 S8 AP-2 Damage: 2

Battlecannon: Shots: Heavy d6+3 S8 AP-2 Damage: 3

Gatekeeper: Shots: Same as BC S9 AP-4 Damage: 3

Punisher: Shots: Heavy 20 S6 Ap-1 Damage: 1

Vanquisher: Shots: Heavy 1 S14 Ap-4 Damage D3+6 (Ignores invuns and D3 mortals on top)

Command squad –

Platoon (Elite) or Company commander (HQ) command squad units

2 Guardsmen make veteran heavy weapons Medic gives just the command squad a 5FnP Regimental standard – Reroll 1s to wound Any number of veterans can swap weapons in the same as before and well as (new):

Master Vox (Unknown what this does)

Standard Vox (as before)

You cannot select the same special or heavy weapon more than once in each unit.

Refractor stilll have 5+ invun

Veteran guardsmen have BS4+ but 2 more attacks

Hotshot back to 24”
Hotshot sniper 36”, Heavy 1 S4, Ap-2, Damage (MW on roll of 6+)

Shocktroop Squads cost same as Cadian (65points [p])
Cadian squads only get 2 special weapons (no heavy weapons) in squads – 6s explode to hit (ranged)
Catachan squads (70p) – 6s explode to hit in melee
DCoK squads (80p) – Minitrans human
Astropath – No longer lets you ignore cover. 🙁 🙁 🙁 (Psyker divination staying as a psychic action WC7). This gets you a CP if you complete the action

-New Solar is a totally new character

-Catachans could add 3 flamers on a squad (says it could totally be false)

-Confirms you cant take command baneblades now

-You can add armour tracks to any tank

Deathstrike Missile Launcher. 150 points

Choose missile AFTER deployment. 3 options for missile.

God Spear Missile: every unit within 3 inches of target location takes Zero wounds on a roll of 1, 8 mortal wounds on a roll of 2-3. 12 mortal wounds on a roll of 4-5, and 16 mortal wounds on a roll of 6.

Plasma Barrage: roll D6 for all units withing D6+3 inches. 1=no hits. 2-3= D3+1 mortal wounds. 4-5= 2D3 mortals. 6=D3+3 mortals

Vortex: roll for every unit within D3+3 inches 2-3 D3 mortals, 4-5 D3+1 mortals, 6= 2D3 mortals. After damage done, on 4+ effect stays on the battlefield another turn.

Lord SolarGaze12pistol 28-33 
Lord SolarConquest meleeuser-32 
CreedDuty12Pistol 1532 
CreedVengence12Pistol 1532 
StrakenAuto Shotgun12Ass 3402 
StakenBionic arm with devils claw meleeuser-32 
PsykerForce Stave meleeS+3-1D3 
Ogryns + BGRipper Gun18Ass 35-22 
Ogryns + BGRipper Gun MeleeUser-11 
Ogryn BGUge Knife MeleeS+2-211 extra attack
Ogryn + BGFrag Bombs6grenade d63-21 
Cadian SquadDrum Fed Autogun24RF 2301 
MarboRipper Pistol12Pistol 35-22Ignore look out sire, wounds of 6 do a mortal
MarboEnvenomed Blade MeleeS+2-21D2 vs none vehicles
Kasrkin/ScionsHotshot Rifle24RF 13-21 
KasrkinHotshot Sniper36H14-23Ignore look out sire, wounds of 6 do a mortal
PreacherPower Maul MeleeS+3-11 
HarkerPayback36Ass 35-22 
EnginseerEnginseer Axe meleeS+2-22 
EnginseerServo Arm MeleeSx2-23only ever 1 attack
BullgrynGren Gauntlet18ass d64-11blast
BullgrynBullgryn Maul meleeS+1-12 
Ratlings etcSniper Rifles36H14-11Ignore look out sire, wounds of 6 do a mortal
Rough RIdersGoad Lance meleeS+2-32
Each successful hit give 1 extra hit, each time you allocate an attack against a vehicle it takes 1 mortal wound in addition to any other damage
Rough RIdersPower Sabre meleeS+1-321 extra attack
SentinelsMilitarum Multilaser36H46-11 
SentinelsSent Chainsword meleeuser-221 extra attack
BanewolfChem Cannon12H D3+32-32Turret Weapon
wounds all non vehicles and titanic on 2+
HellhoundInferno Cannon18H2d66-21Turret Weapon
Devil DogMelta Cannon24Hd39-4D6+2Blast
Turret Weapon
in half range, Dam D6+4
Rogal DornCastigator Gatling Cannon24H125-11 
Rogal Dornpulverizer cannon24H d68-23Blast
Rogal Dorntwin battle cannon72H 2d68-33Blast
turret weapon
Rogal DornOppressor Cannon90H d6+310-34Blast
turret weapon
Rogal Dorn/SuperheaviesCoaxial Autocannon48H27-12Turret Weapon
Field Ordnance BatteryBombast Field Gun48H d67-22Indirect fire
Field Ordnance BatteryHeavy Lascannon48H 210-43+d3(Have seen 2 different profiles, this may be different in the final codex)
Field Ordnance BatteryMultiple Rocket Launcher48H d6+66-11Blast
Leman RussLeman Russ Battle Cannon72Hd6 +38-23Blast
turret weapon
Leman RussDemolisher Battle Cannon24H d610-33+d3Blast
turret weapon
SuperheaviesDemolisher Cannon24H d610-3d6blast
Leman RussExecutioner Plasma Cannon (low power)36Hd6 +37-42Blast
turret weapon
Leman RussExecutioner Plasma Cannon (overcharge)36Hd6 +38-43Blast
turret weapon
Leman RussExterminator Autocannon48H68-22turret weapon
Leman RussNova Cannon36H d3+66-22Blast
turret weapon
ignores light cover
Leman RussPunisher Cannon24H 206-11turret weapon
Leman RussVanquisher Cannon72H114-5D3+6turret weapon
ignores invulnerable saves
does d3 mortal wounds on a successful wound
BasiliskEarthshaker240Hd6 +310-32Indirect fire
ManticoreStorm Eagle120Hd6 +39-23Indirect fire
HydraQuad Autocannon72H87-22Turret weapon
When shooting aircraft, double the shots and +1 to hit
(no more debuff when shooting ground)
WyvernStormshard48H 4d65-11Indirect fire
DeathstrikeGodspearRoll 1d6 for each unit within 3″ of the target marker. On a 1 nothing. On a 2-3 the unit suffers 8 mortal wounds, on a 4-5 it suffers 12 mortal wounds, on a 6 it suffers 16 mortal wounds. Once resolved remove the target marker
DeathstrikePlasma BarrageRoll 1d6 for each unit within d3+6″ of the target marker. On a 1 nothing. On a 2-3 the unit suffers d3+1 mortal wounds, on a 4-5 it suffers 2d3 mortal wounds, on a 6 it suffers d3+3 mortal wounds. -1 for enemy infantry characters. Once resolved remove the target marker
DeathstrikeVortexRoll 1d6 for each unit within d3+3″of the target marke. On a 1 nothing. On a 2-3 the unit suffers d3 mortal wounds, on a 4-5 it suffers d3+1 mortal wounds, on a 6 it suffers 2d3 mortal wounds. Once resolved roll 1 d6. on a 1-3 remove the target marker. on a 4+ do not remove marker but it cant be moved again using the align target action.
SuperheaviesAdamantium tracks meleeuser-22 
BanebladeBaneblade Cannon72H 3d69-33Blast
turret weapon
BanehammerTremor Cannon36H 2d6+310-33Blast
counts as weapon turret weapon
BaneswordQuake Cannon96H d6+614-44Blast
counts as weapon turret weapon
DoomhammerMagma Cannon48H d6+310-5d6+2Blast
counts as weapon turret weapon
if in half range damage is d6+4
HellhammerHellhammer Cannon36H 3d6+67-22Blast
turret weapon
ignores light cover
ShadowswordVolcano Cannon120H d3+318-512Blast
counts as weapon turret weapon
Does not appear to ignore invulnerable saves
StormlordVulcan Mega Bolter48H 206-22counts as weapon turret weapon
StormswordSiege Cannon60H d6+612-4d3+3Blast
counts as turret weapon
ignores light cover
Taurox PrimeTaurox battle cannon48H d67-12Blast
Taurox PrimeTaurox gatling24H124-11 
Taurox PrimeTaurox missile48same as it is in 8th ed codex
Taurox PrimeTaurox HS Volley Gun24RF 34-21 
ScionHS Volley Gun30RF 24-21 
ChimeraChimera Heavy Flamer12H d65-11Turret Weapon
ChimeraChimera Heavy Bolter36H 35-12Turret Weapon
ChimeraChimera Multilaser36H 46-11Turret Weapon
ValkHellstrike Missiles72H 18-33add 1 to hit against aircraft
change damage to D3+3 vs aircraft
ValkMultiple Rocker Pod36Ass D66-21Blast
PreacherPreacher Shotgun12Ass 2401 
Lord Solar122264861034++
3 orders, knows all types of order
after secondaries have been picked, change of yours. If you dont do this gain a CP
Reroll 1s for hits and wounds (core and infantry char)
Give 1 units full rerolls to hit. If core also full rerolls to wounds
3 orders
special order (give a units ranged attacks +1 str)
Can use CP reroll twice a phase
Senior Officer (Core rerolls hits of 1)
regimental orders
Cadian Castellan6333354955++
Senior Officer (Core rerolls hits of 1)
regimental orders
2 orders
Tank Commander106478135721 order
mech orders
Senior Officer (Core rerolls hits of 1)
Reroll wounds vs monsters (self)
Issue order to a unit, that unit gets 6s to hit auto wound. (doesnt work on enemy vehicles, extra buff on top of what the order does)
2 orders
Psyker633334385Attempt 2 power
deny 1
knows smite + 2 powers
Gaunts Ghosts         Basically the same, fixed Bragg
Ogryn BG634656585 
Nork623657684Can pile in and consolidate an extra 3″
each time you make a melee attack, 6s to wound do an extra mortal wound
Astropath644331165Cast 1 power
deny 1
special power: WC 7, gain a CP
can smite normally now
OotF644331165Pick enemy unit within 30″ and LOS, flyers get rerolls 1s to hit
MoO644331165Pick enemy unit within 30″ and LOS, arty get rerolls 1s to hit
Cadian Command Squad          

Come with officer regimental standard, medipack, master vox and basic veteran
Medipack – 5+++ for the squad
Regimental Standard – core units within 6″ reroll wounds rolls of 1
master vox – increases order range up to 24″ to another squad with a vox
Issues 1 order
Officer has a 5++

Can replace regimental standard with either a flamer, grenade launcher, melta or plasma
1 cadian veteran can take a bolt or plasma pistol
1 cadian veteran can take a flamer, GL, melta, plasma, power fist or power sword
Officer can take a, chainsword power fist or power sword and a laspistol, bolt pistol or plasma psitol

Platoon Command Squad          
comes with officer and 4 basic veterans
can form 1 heavy weapon team
any veteran can swap lasgun for laspistol and chainsword
any veteran can take a special weapon, but only 1 of each weapon can be taken
Can take a master vox, regimental standard and medi pack
Officer can take a, chainsword power fist or power sword and a laspistol, bolt pistol or plasma psitol
Infantry Squad          
Weapons same as now
Core, Platoon
Cadian S. Troops          
2x special weapons, no heavies or snipers (can double up on specials but odd wording so might change)
sgt can take a drum fed autogun (looses pistol and C.sword)
Core, Platoon
las weapons ranged attacks = exploding 6 to hit
for every 5 models in the squad can take a flamer (no other specials, looks like based on current kit)
exploding 6s to hit in combat
Core, Platoon
Come with a plasma gun as standard
medipack – once per turn, first failed save = attack damage reduced to 0
2 more specials can be taken
plasma can be replaced with a vox
Core, Platoon
Sly Marbo622435575Can be ordered!?
deep strike, rerolls charges the turn he comes down
cant be warlord
once per game, end of fight phase, put him back into reserve. comes back in next turn movement
melta mine keyword
Melta Mine Keyword
4 specials, but can only take max of 2 of each (e.g. 2 Melta and 2 plasma)
can take the hot shot sniper as well as 4 specials
Pick an extra regimental doctrine that no other unit your army has
no deepstrike
Core, platoon
rerolls hits in combat
prayers go off on a 3+
prayers do 1 of 2 things:
give a unit a 6++ and cant be affected by Mallidiction psychic powers
give a unit rerolls hits in combat, +1 to charge rolls
Harker633544475Can issue 1 order to a catchan jungle fighter squad (orders only splash onto other jungle fighters)
Before the game, Pick 1 jungle fighter squad, until the end of the battle reroll attack rolls of 1 (melee and ranged)
cant be warlord
heal 1 vehicle for d3 wounds
give 1 vehicle 5++
Servitors655331164Come with servo arms
can swap 2 servo arms for H bolters, Plasma cannon, M. Melta
get +1 WS and BS near an enginseer
dont take up an elite slot
Commissar633334385Come with bolt pistol and chainsword
can take plasma pistol and Power sword (no power fists!)
does commissars orders
for each officer, a commissar doesnt take up an elite slot
summary execution: once per turn, a core unit within 6″ auto passes morale after it has failed a morale test
can order abhumans, infantry and officers
does 1 order
Ogryn Squad          
-1 Damage
Can shoot whilst in combat
Bone ed634653585
Bullgryn Squad          
Bullgryn Squad634653474
Come with Gren Gauntlet, Frag bombs, Slab shield as standard
-1 Damage
Bone ed634653584
Ratlings553221156Set up 9″ away from enemy units or deployment zone during deployment
once per turn, after it has shot, it makes a normal move (can do it in overwatch, but enemy gets to pick another target)
-1 to hit
additional +1 save in cover
Rough Riders Squad         (Have seen 2 different profiles, this may be different in the final codex)
Core, Platoon
Sgt can take a power sabre instead of lance
for every 5 models you can take a goad lance (specfic weapon, not a different lance tip)
everyone has lasgun, laspistol and hunting lance
ignore all modifiers to moving advancing and charging
if you made a charge roll, gain +2 str (yes thats on top of the lance!)
S. Sents1244667274Weapons all the same cost
Core, Platoon
Set up 9″ away from enemy units or deployment zone during deployment
A. Sents844667273Weapons all the same cost
Core, Platoon
Against D1 ranged weapons, +1 to the save
Hellhound/Devildog/Banewolf12646711373An varients now explode on a 5+
Rogal Dorn10648917682Comes with the catigator gatling cannon, twin battle cannon and a heavy stubber as standard
can swap twin battle cannon for Oppreson cannon + coax autocannon
can swap gatling cannon for pulverizer cannon
can take 2 extra stubbers or melta guns
can take multimelta or heavy bolter sponsons
explodes on a 6 and does d6 mortals
HWS633332265Core, Platoon
Field Ordnance Battery644346364come in squads 2-4
Platoon (not core)
can take orders
Leman Russ10647813572 
Wyvern10646711373(Rumour is they have been dropped from the final codex)

During the muster army step, after seeing your opponents army, pick 1 of 3 missile types to arm the Deathstrike with:
Godspear Warhead
Plasma Barrage Warhead
Vortex Warhead

Can do a special action – align target:
Done in the command phase
can only be done if you havent already launched the models missile
completed at the end of your turn
once completed do 1 of 2 things
1) place a deathstrike target marker anywhere on the battlefield
2) if this model has already placed its marker, move the marker to anywhere on the battlefield

Launch Missile: done in the shooting phase, can only be done if not in engagement range and the its target marker is on the battlefield

Baneblade10549930982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
Banehammer10549928982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
firing deck – 1 embarked unit can shoot out
can transport 25
Banesword10549930982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
Doomhammer10549928982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
firing deck – 1 embarked unit can shoot out
can transport 25
Hellhammer10549930982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
Shadowsword10549930982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
Stormlord10549928982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
firing deck – 1 embarked unit can shoot out
can transport 40
Stormsword10549930982Comes with armoured tracks as standard
explodes on a 6. 2d6, d6 mortal wounds
titanic (no more steel behemoth)
Tempestor Command Squad          
Tempestor Prime633334384
Medipack – 5+++ for the squad
Regimental Standard – core units within 6″ reroll wounds rolls of 1
command rod – knows prefectus orders in addition to regimental orders. Can only do prefectus orders to scions
orders only splash to scions
master vox – increases order range up to 24″ to another squad with a vox
Each scion can take a special weapon, but only 1 of each. e.g. 1 flamer, 1 GL, 1 Melta, 1 Plasma
Issues 1 order
can deep strike
exploding 6s to hit (shooting and combat)
Prime has a 5++
Scions Squad          
can deep strike
exploding 6s to hit (shooting and combat)
5 man squads can take 2 specials, but only 1 of each e.g. 1 plasma, 1 melta
10 man squads can take 4 specials but only 2 of each e.g. 2 plasma, 2 melta
core, platoon
Taurox Prime14636610383Comes with armoured tracks
transports 10
cant include more Taurox Primes then there are other tempestus units in your army
Chimera12646711373Transports 12
lasgun arrays
mobile command vehicle: 1 officer embarked can issue 1 order, measure range from the hull
Taurox14646610373Comes with armoured tracks
transports 10
(Doesnt seem to have turret weapons)
Valkyries20-40637714373Comes with a multilaser and Hellstrike missiles
swap the missiles for 2x Multiple Rocket Pods
Can deep strike
Normal aircraft rules, can hover
units can disembark after is has moved. must disembark 9″ away from enemy models. Scions can disembark 6″ away from enemy models. no units can move or charge after disembarking using this ability and you cant use anything that lets you count as stationary. If the valk has moved 20″ or more, models disembarking die on roll of a 1
transports 12
HQCadian command squad80All upgrades free except plasma pistol and power fist (5pts each)
HQCadian castellan45All upgrades free except plasma pistol and power fist (5pts each)
HQGaunts Ghosts130 
HQIron hand Straken70 
HQLord Solar180 
HQScion Command Squad110All upgrades free except plasma pistol and command rod
HQPlatoon Command Squad80All upgrades free except plasma pistol and power fist (5pts each)
HQPrimaris Psyker60 
HQTank Commander155Armoured Tracks 5pts, Dozer blade 5pts, H bolter 10pts, h flamer 10pts, H stubber 5pts, hunter killer 5, Lascannon 10, plasma cannon 10, M Melta 20, Storm Bolter 5
Advisor (attached to command squad)Astropath40 
Advisor (attached to command squad)MoO30 
Advisor (attached to command squad)OotF30 
Advisor (attached to command squad)Nork70 
Advisor (attached to command squad)Ogryn Bodyguard55Maul 5, Bullgryn Plate 5, Slab Shield 5
TroopsCadian Shock Troops65All upgrades free except plasma pistol and power sword
TroopsCatachan Jungle Fighters70All upgrades free except plasma pistol and power sword
TroopsDKoK80medipack 5, other upgrades free except plasma pistol and power sword
TroopsInfantry Squad65All upgrades free except plasma pistol and power sword
ElitesBullgryn35Maul 5
ElitesCommissar40plasma pistol and power sword 5 (no power fists anymore but comes with a chainsword)
ElitesKasrkin10510 man squad base, All upgrades free except Sgts weapons
ElitesServitors304 models base H. Bolter 5, Plasma 10, Melta 15
ElitesOgryn303-9 models
ElitesRatlings105-10 models
ElitesPreacher50Maul 5
ElitesScions115-10. All upgrade free except Power Fist
FastA. Sents50Sent Chainsword 5, HKM 5
FastRough Riders205-10 models. Goad Lance 5
FastHellhounds110Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5, Multi Melta 10
FastS. Sents45Sent Chainsword 5, HKM 5
HeavyBasilisks140Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5
HeavyManticore145Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5
HeavyDeathstrike150Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5
HeavyField Ordance Battery702-4 models
HeavyHWS55All weapons free
HeavyHydras110Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5
HeavyLeman Russ140Armoured Tracks 5pts, Dozer blade 5pts, H bolter 10pts, h flamer 10pts, H stubber 5pts, hunter killer 5, Lascannon 10, plasma cannon 10, M Melta 20, Storm Bolter 5. Turret Weapons same price
HeavyRogal Dorn250H. Bolter 10, Armoured Tracks 5, Additional H Stubber 5, Melta Guns 5, M Melta 20
HeavyWyverns130Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5
TransportChimera80Armoured Track 5, HKM 5, Dozer 5
TransportTaurox70Storm Bolter 5
TransportTaurox Prime100Autocannon 5, Storm Bolter 5, Missile Launcher 10
FlyerValks130Heavy Bolter 5, Lacannon 5
LoWBaneblade440Lascannon 30
LoWBanehammer420Lascannon 30
LoWBanesword410Lascannon 30
LoWDoom Hammer440Lascannon 30
LoWHellhammer490Lascannon 30
LoWShadowsword470Lascannon 30
LoWStormlord470Lascannon 30

Lascannon 30

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites for your perusal, starting with regimental highlights – the resolute infantry of Krieg and the brawling daredevils of Catachan.

The Death Korps of Krieg and Catachan Jungle Fighters are both getting their own individual datasheets in the new book. Krieg troopers have access to the many options included in their Kill Team kit – such as sniper rifles and medi-packs – while Catachans boast two flamers and a particularly vicious close combat ability.

40k AMChanges Nov9 Boxout1

40k AMChanges Nov9 Boxout2

The sneaky, stabby sensation known as Sly Marbo also returns to battle, with a significant bump in threat level. His ripper pistol and envenomed blade can now drop Chaos Space Marines and enemy commanders with ease, before Sly slips back into the shadows like he was never there at all. 

40k AMChanges Nov9 Boxout3

Commissars might be the furthest things from Sly Marbo’s modus operandi – championing order and discipline – and their management style was previously delivered exclusively at the barrel of a bolt pistol. Having learned that some troops respond better to gentle encouragement than the imminent threat of execution, they now have access to Prefectus Orders.

While regimental officers have access to familiar – but updated – orders, Commissars appeal to the faith and fervour of the enlisted men with a more directly aggressive set of commands. Under their visionary and threatening inspiration, your troops will be able to keep blasting away even while sprinting at full speed or regrouping from a sudden assault.

40k AMChanges Nov9 Boxout4

Perhaps our favourite change is to the biggest box of boom in the Astra Militarum arsenal – the Deathstrike missile launcher. This formidable artillery piece is getting a major overhaul. Random chance is out, mind games are in. 

40k AMUnitChanges Nov9 Image2

The Deathstrike now puts a big, scary target on the battlefield with a unique action, which it can then fire at on your next turn. You won’t be catching anyone by surprise, but a marker looming over objectives will dissuade anyone from claiming them. After all, who wants to be clocked for 16 mortal wounds?** If your turn comes around and nobody’s in the blast zone, you can just move the marker again.

40k AMChanges Nov9 Boxout5

If turning a small number of hard targets into a fine mist doesn’t match your battle plan, there are two more warheads to pick from. One blankets a wide area in searing plasma, while the other creates a persistent bubble of gravitational pain. The best part? You get to choose which warhead to bring after you’ve seen your opponent’s army list.

Imagine, if you will, the industrial efficiency and mechanised assaults of the Armageddon Steel Legion. Now combine that with the grim demeanour and unflinching sacrifice of the Death Korps of Krieg. What if you added the refined weapons of the Vostroyan Firstborn to the disciplined firing lines of the Mordian Iron Guard? Catachan strength paired with Attilan speed? Yes please.

These combos are a very real possibility in the new Codex: Astra Militarum – first available in the Cadia Stands Astra Militarum Army Set, which arrives for pre-order on the 12th of November. 

Instead of constraining you to a single specific regiment, the new codex has you mix and match tactics to create your favourite flavour of Guardsmen. All you need to do is choose a pair of Regimental Doctrines to dictate how they fight. These doctrines represent traits like superior artillery skills, high-quality armour, impressive discipline amongst the ranks, or experience in guerilla warfare. 

There are 15 doctrines making 93 different combinations, allowing you to build an iconic regiment from the lore, or cook up a custom force with its own history and home world.

Some Regimental Doctrines grant unique keywords, like EXPERT BOMBARDIERS or VETERAN GUERILLAS. These specialists are even better at employing powerful Stratagems that mirror classic fighting styles, such as the trap-setting proclivities of the Catachan Jungle Fighters or the flagrant disregard for subordinate safety displayed by Valhalla’s hard-nosed commanders.

40k AMRegiments Nov8 Boxout1

40k AMRegiments Nov8 Boxout2

Once you’ve settled on your Regimental Doctrines, there are no restrictions on combining your favourite units and heroes, regardless of where they hail from.* The officers of the Astra Militarum are quite comfortable leading any of the Emperor’s loyal servants – the indomitable Ursula Creed wouldn’t let a silly thing like different uniforms stop her from ordering some Death Korps or Atillan Rough Riders into the breach, after all. 

In fact, ordering your troops around is easier than ever before – if every model in your army has the ASTRA MILITARUM keyword,** your OFFICERS can make use of the Regimental Tactics ability to spread their directives around multiple units at once, and keep the massed forces of the Astra Militarum fighting at peak efficiency.

40k AMRegiments Nov8 Boxout3

All of them – from the heaviest guns to the humblest infantry – have had upgrades in the new codex, which will only be available in this army set until next year. We’ve assembled the troops for an inspection, to see how they stack up against the Imperial Guard of yore.

The backbone of this force are two 10-man squads of Cadian Shock Troops. Cadians are drilled from birth with an aggressive fighting doctrine that has them storming breaches like the Death Korps of Krieg dig trenches.* These sterling soldiers do away with cumbersome Heavy Weapons Teams in favour of a second special weapon – but even Shock Troops armed with the faithful lasgun can take a heavy toll from their foes.

40k+AmBoxRules Nov7 Boxout1

This mobile firepower makes the Cadian Shock Troops excellent for claiming distant objectives, with a fusillade of lasfire that scores an extra hit for each hit roll of 6. Of course, they’re even better with the right leadership.

Cadian Command Squads have such a proud history of command that almost all Astra Militarum field officers follow their example. Regimental standard held high, these veterans remind their soldiers of Cadia’s tragic sacrifice – ensuring that even those troops not recruited from the bastion world can take Vengeance for Cadia.

40k+AmBoxRules Nov7 Boxout2

Adding 1 to wound rolls is a welcome addition to the fight against CHAOS – whether your soldiers are gunning down warp-shielded daemons or blood-crazed Space Marines.

Tanks! We love them, you love them, and most importantly, the Astra Militarum loves them. That’s why the upcoming codex has a new one to show off – the Rogal Dorn – and it’s a beast

AMRogalDornComparison Nov02 RDTerrain

As you can see, it’s got a lot of guns – but just how chunky is it? And how does it stack up against the legendary Leman Russ? We parked them next to each other to find out, and even dragged a gigantic Baneblade out of the garage to really set the scale in order.

AMRogalDornComparison Nov02 SizeComparison

Make no mistake, it’s a big lad! The Rogal Dorn has more bone-crushing power than a Leman Russ, but not quite the excess of a Baneblade. It’s the perfect middle ground – and this extends to the datasheet.

AMRogalDornComparison Nov02 Statlines

With size comes durability, and the Rogal Dorn has that in spades. Its excellent Toughness, Wounds, and Save means it’ll stick around on even the most blistering battlefield, but it has a little more manoeuvrability than a super-heavy. 

Then there’s the fantastic new Turret Weapon rule* which allows tank turrets to target any enemies they want even while locked in melee, and also adds a nifty +1 to their hit roll as a bonus.

AMRogalDornComparison Nov02 Cannons

Although it has several excellent turret options, the Leman Russ and the battle cannon go together like chips and gravy, so tank commanders will be glad to know that this old faithful has had a boost. Then again, if you want to really splatter something from a great distance, the oppressor cannon on the Rogal Dorn cranks the firepower up to the max.**

AMRogalDornComparison Nov02 BanebladeOldNew

The Baneblade has also seen some improvements. Your first two sponsons packing lascannons and twin heavy bolters are rolled into its base cost, making it significantly cheaper than before. And don’t worry – you can still add an extra two sponsons if 12 barrels of death weren’t enough. Those are now cheaper too!

There’s one man ultimately in charge of it all, wielding a weapon formed of countless lives and limitless tanks. And yes, he has a horse.

As the Lord Commander Solar, Arcadian Leontus sits among the highest echelons of the Imperium, boasting an unimaginable roll of titles, peerages, ranks, and probably a whole gaggle of attendants tasked solely with ensuring that his horse has enough cyber-hay.

40k LordSolar Oct31 Image1

With an army of logistical advisers, priests, tacticians, tarot readers, prophets, seers, confidants, and sub-commanders at his beck and call, Lord Solar Leontus is personally responsible for hundreds of stunning Imperial victories. Though his remit is technically confined to the defence of the Segmentum Solar, Leontus has led campaigns far beyond its boundaries. How else, he argues, can he protect Holy Terra from distant foes?

His steed Konstantin* is decades old, now largely cybernetic and clad in gleaming armour. From this lofty perch, Arcadian Leontus commands the men and women of the Astra Militarum as they endure horrifying battles in their mission to protect the Imperium from the heretic, the mutant, and the alien.

40k LordSolar Oct31 Image2

Though he’s kept at his physical peak by a healthy diet, regular exercise, and staggeringly expensive rejuvenat treatments, Leontus has spent over a century leading the Emperor’s armies. 

Wearied by the horrors of war and the Imperium’s brutal demands, the Lord Solar knows that he may never see the fruits of his tireless efforts. Nevertheless, he continues to lead from the front – armed with his pistol Sol’s Righteous Gaze, and his power sword Conquest.

40k LordSolar Oct31 Image3

Unorthodox use of the tarot readers of The Collegiate Astrolex gives Leontus the ability to change one of his army’s secondary objectives or Agendas on the cusp of battle, reacting to his foe’s plans. Or if he’s feeling secure in his tactical choices, he can proceed with steely confidence and gain an additional Command point in the first Command phase.

40k LordSolar Oct31 Boxout

Lord Solar Leontus (and Konstantin) feature on the cover of the version of Codex Astra Militarum in the forthcoming Cadia Stands: Astra Militarum Army Set.

40k LordSolar Oct31 Image4

Do you like going fast? Do you want to plunge into battle sat astride a powerful steed, armed with nothing more than a lance, a sidearm, and a fur-trimmed hat? Then polish your spurs and book a trip to Attila – the legendary Rough Riders are back in the saddle with some brand new models. 

Rough Riders first appeared way back in White Dwarf #111, with the planet Attila – home to the most famous of these far future cavaliers – arriving a few years later in the second edition of Warhammer 40,000. They’ve been on something of a hiatus since 2009,* but the wait is over – they’re raring to go, and ready for horseplay. 

It takes a ridiculously brave soldier to ride into the horrors of the 41st Millennium on horseback – not to mention a ridiculously brave horse! Daring Rough Riders specialise in lightning assaults on enemy weak points, and punch far above their weight thanks to the sheer destructive power of their hunting lances.

40k RoughRiders Oct17 Image2

You need more than just a sharp stick to face foul xenos war-beasts – fortunately, these lances pack a deadly explosive payload. Employing reckless battlefield techniques refined by the horsemasters of Attila, the hunting lances wielded by Rough Riders can deliver your choice of an infantry-shredding frag tip or vehicle-busting melta tip

40k RoughRiders Oct17 Boxout

Far from lonesome outriders, Rough Riders are an integral part of the Imperial war machine – the PLATOON keyword lets them receive orders from Cadian Castellans and other officers, while the CORE keyword grants access to a wide variety of bonuses. They even pack a lasgun each for the rare moments when they’re not ramming explosive lances through traitorous faces.

Cadians have a long and proud history of command, boasting some of the finest leaders in the Imperium. Like the indomitable Ursula Creed, their Castellans have decades of experience wielding the hammer of the Emperor, and work to ensure that the legacy of Ursakar E. Creed is alive and well.

Unlike regular Command Squads, Castellans don’t go into battle accompanied by a retinue. They move among their troops, issuing orders and directing fire wherever it’s needed, all while extending re-rolls to every CORE unit in range.

40k CadianCastellan Oct10 Image1

Astra Militarum officers can all boost the effectiveness of their Guardsmen with orders, but the Castellan can issue two per turn. Orders are a vital aspect of the war machine, encouraging units to hit harder, pin down foes, and surge across the battlefield in mass human waves.

This incredible new model is tremendously versatile, and comes with plenty of weapon options and four separate heads which you can use to make it truly your own. It can be used with any Astra Militarum army, Cadian or otherwise – even the Death Korps of Krieg and the Catachan Jungle Fighters need battlefield command.

40k CadianCastellan Oct10 Image2

Castellans are competent fighters in their own right, with a panoply of powerful equipment at their disposal. Many a foul traitor has tried to cut the head from the Imperial beast only to receive a power fist to the face for their trouble. 

Their planet may be dead and their armies scattered, but the Astra Militarum’s greatest heroes have soldiered on. The Cadian Shock Troops are back – with a vengeance

Called Cadia Stands, this Army Launch Set is the start of a huge overhaul for the Astra Militarum range, bringing new and highly detailed kits to the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000.

WHDayPreview AM Oct8 Image1

The box contains 20 Cadian Shock Troops, a Command Squad, a Field Ordnance Battery, and a Sentinel – plus a spoilerific codex that we can’t show quite yet – but these are far from the only new miniatures coming for the Astra Militarum.

WHDayPreview AM Oct8 Image2

A squad of Cadian Shock Troops packs in more special weapons than a standard Infantry Squad, leaving the Heavy Weapons Team behind for greater mobility.

Cadian Command Squads wring more from your infantry too, issuing orders and rallying nearby Guardsmen when the going gets a little too tough.

In addition to tripod-mounted heavy weapons, Astra Militarum regiments have begun wheeling larger artillery pieces to the front lines. Equipped with large-bore cannons, multi-missile launchers, or heavy, overcharged lascannons, Field Ordnance Batteries are the most powerful man-portable assets available.

WHDayPreview AM Oct8 Image3

We’ve already seen the armoured variant of the Sentinel– revealed alongside the new Lord Castellan of Cadia, Ursula Creed – but the kit also makes a classic Scout Sentinel complete with open canopy and chainsaw attachment.

In addition to the miniatures contained in the Army Launch Set, two more classic units are getting a well-earned update.

Fresh troops need a new Commissar to watch over them, and this stern individual will make sure the Cadians become the best soldiers they can be – or die trying.

WHDayPreview AM Oct8 Image6

Whether on their own or as part of an Infantry Squad, Heavy Weapons Teams are responsible for taking down the big beasts that lasguns won’t scratch. All the classic weapons are back, from heavy bolters to lascannons, and each base contains a massive amount of options to make them stand out. With spotters, loaders, sergeants, and more – allowing each team to look like its own mini-diorama.

Every Astra Militarum player can include these new Cadian models in their army, as the new codex returns to the old days of mixing and matching regiments – which means fielding squads of Shock Troops alongside the Death Korps of Krieg, Catachan Jungle Fighters, and more. Instead of tying your troops to a specific world, you’ll create a Regimental Doctrine that fits your preferred playstyle by combining two doctrine rules. Some of these are themed after iconic regiments, but you’re free to pick and combine whichever you like the most. 

For example – do you love ranks of infantry standing firm and firing disciplined volleys in the face of mounting casualties? Choose the Cult of Sacrifice and Parade Drill doctrines to add a touch of die-hard Death Korps determination to the Mordian Iron Guard’s discipline.

WHDayPreview AM Oct8 Boxout

Greetings, guardsman! As you know, communication across vast galactic distances is complex, and the work of faithless traitors can lead to pictorial intelligence of a substandard quality ending up in your dutiful hands. Fortunately, we stand ready to address this oversight – our astropaths have been able to broadcast glorious images of forthcoming Astra Militarum reinforcements.

Now see these new units in action.

Ursula Creed

Ursula Creed is the Lord Castellan of Cadia – and we dare any of you to tell her that she can’t hold the post simply because Abaddon destroyed that entire planet. Creed follows in her father’s footsteps – but while nepotism is alive and well in the 41st Millennium, this is no hereditary title. She’s earned that mantle like her father before her, and is every bit as ruthless, tactical, and unflinching.


Wait, could that be her father’s battered old greatcoat? But wasn’t he wearing that when Cadia fell?



The new Lord Castellan deserves to command only the finest troops in battle – and who better than the renowned Kasrkin? These warriors are the elite of the elite, and they’re getting a stunning kit to match their fearsome reputation.


Clad in the finest carapace armour, these special forces have more skills than your standard Astra Militarum trooper, and are able to cut down their enemies with volleys from their hot-shot lasguns.



Finally, there’s an incredible new take on a classic kit – the Sentinel. These agile walker-vehicles are superb hunter-killers, and can be equipped with a variety of weaponry and wargear that enables them to deal with any foe – from blasting apart a tide of frenzied cultists to bringing down xenos monstrosities.


The new miniature can be assembled as an Armoured Sentinel or – if you prefer to feel the wind in your hair as you slay the enemies of the God-Emperor – a lightweight Scout Sentinel.

That’s just a taste of the reinforcements that are on the way for the Astra Militarum. This release is a little way off yet – a few more armies will have their time to shine before these kits drop into the fight. But while the Hammer of the Emperor is ponderous, it is also mighty – this mobilisation will be far more than a scouting force…

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