World Easters 9th Edition Codex Leak Compilation

Nov 22, 2022

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k World Easters 9th edition codex, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for World Easters 9th edition codex. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k World Easters 9th edition codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: Jan 7th 2022 Release Date: Jan 14th 2022

  • World Eaters Codex: $55
  • Angron: $160
  • Khorne Berzerkers: $60
  • The Eightbound: $65
  • Jackels: $60

Take following with some Salt

Stratagems for World Eaters?

– Skull for the Skull Throne: 1/2CP, use it after a character from your army destroyed an enemy warlord. 1CP choose 1 from 2 below, 2CP for adopt them all.
1) you get 2 tithe
2) the character who destroyed enemy warlord got +1 to advance and charge for rest of game

Banner of Blood, 1CP, let an ICON berzerker charge at 3D6 and drop the lowest.

Stoke the nail, 1CP, use when choose a core/character to fight. Each wound roll of 6 cause 1 extra mortal, at most 6 from this stratagem

Wild fury, 1/2CP. An core unit fight to death. If it is troop, despite the unit size, 1CP. Otherwise 2CP.

Kill! Maim! Burn!, 1CP, a World Eater unit heroic intervention for 6 inches as if they are character.

Smoke launcher, 1CP, you all know what it is

Scorn of society, 1CP, you all know what it is
Red butchers, 2CP, a unit of terminator/eightbound +1 to damage until the fight resolved when choose to fight.

Army of Renown stratagems
Those we already know:
– 1CP for world eater unit add one to wound roll when fighting below half strength
– 1CP for any eightbound to consolidate 6 inches when enemy retreat
– 1CP for a unit of eightbound to move if they got somebody in unit died after a round of enemy shooting in enemy shooting phase.
– 1/2CP for a vehicle full damage table despite current wound remain, titanic 2CP, otherwise 1CP
– 1CP when nominating your world eater boys go charging and who he gonna charge. Target cannot over watch or set to defense, then -1 to hit until the end of following fight phase
– 1CP, when you go advance on your world eater unit, don’t make the roll, make it 6.
– 1CP for a world eater unit to ignore any or all charge modifications
– 1CP when a world eater unit destroy an enemy unit. They got an aura for -2 leadership and +1 to casualty test for enemy within 6 inches until end of the turn.


– Have an inbuilt ability where if they are shot by the opponent, if they aren’t killed outright the berzerkers get to move d6” toward the closest enemy unit

– If they are performing an action and you use this ability, it auto-fails. If you have the Berzerker Icon and use this ability, it auto-completes the action.

– There is a stratagem unlocked by the Berzerker Icon that grants 3d6 discard the lowest result for charge distance.

Red Butchers:

– Is now a stratagem for 1 CP that applies to Terminators or Eightbound, grants +1 damage for the turn


– Has an aura of totally preventing fallback within 6″, no rolling, just can’t do it, including friendly models

– Has an aura of re-roll hits for CORE

– Move 16″ base S8


– Do not get a pre-game move, but can arrive from strategic reserves turn 1

Exalted Eightbound:

– Can deep strike

Lord on Juggernaut:

– Can use chainsword or a chainaxe giving +1S -2 AP 2 damage

Blood Tithe:

– Reviving Angron costs 3 blood tithe points, and when Angron dies he gives up 3 blood tithe points

– The ability to grant the whole army auto-wounds on 6’s to hit costs 4 blood tithe points

– Blood Tithe points are gained by units destroyed, enemy or friendly

World Eaters Traits
+1 Attack on Charge/charged/HI
+1 Strength on Charge/Charged/HI (May end up being diffrent)

WE Army wide Mechanic: Bloodtithe
Two current rumors:
Rumor 1 is you get a point for each unit destroyed and +1 bonus point for a vehicle/Monster the first time each turn and +1 for Titanic. So you could get up to 3 points if something like Angron was destroyed.
Rumor 2. Works similar to CK favors of the dark gods. Keep a Tally of total wound dealt by models destroyed (I.E. Ork Boyz give 1 point when killed, Custodes troops 3, etc)
Bloodtithe effects (which are PERMANENT)
6 to hit in Melee Auto wounds
+1 to hit
+1 AP for Melee Weapons
Attacks +1
Add 1 to Advance and Charge
5+ FNP to Mortals
6+ FNP to everything
Revive Angron (Puts him into deepstrike with 8 wounds and he deepstrikes next turn

Warlord Traits:
When your WL kills a unit, you get a bonus Bloodtithe point
WL takes half Damage in Melee
Fight First
Angron Trait: Remove OBSEC in 6′
Khârn: if 6 or more models within 3′ of Karn gain D3 attacks
See Invoctus for other trait

Every Dead model counts as 2 for morale
Relic Axe: +2 S -3 AP Damage 2, 6’s to hit grant two additional hits
Select CORE unit with in 6′ 6’s to hit auto wound

6 2 2 6 4 6 9 9 3+
Pistol 8 -3 2
Axe S:user AP-4 D2
4+ inv
Core reroll 1’s to hit
End of the movement phase if any friendly units are within 3″, pick one, on a 2+ cause 2 mortals

Lord Invoctus
Ignores invulns, only unit that does so.
Warlord trait is pregame move 2 CORE WE units OR Select Core or Character within 9″ can charge if it fell back. (From different versions)
Has an aura of +2 Movement of CORE WE Units

6″ 4 4 3 3 1 2 6 6 jak
6″ 4 4 3 3 1 3 7 6+ leader
6″ 4 4 4 3 1 2 6 6+ Dishonored
2 Attacks at AP -1
A couple can have +2S, -2 AP D2 -1 to hit upgrades
A couple more can have User -2 AP D2 Double Attacks
Once per battle, can kill D3 of themselves and gain +1 Strength

9″ WS3 BS3 S6 T5 3W LD8 3+/5++
Pregame move built in

Exalted 8bound
9″ WS2 BS3 S6 T5 3W LD8 3+/4++
Prevent Fallback
SGT can get two chainfists that get Damage 3

2+/4++ 18W
WLT – Removes enemy obsec within 6′
Warp Locus
Currently does not ignore Wound caps or invulns, but has so many attacks he can “Destroy anything in close combat pretty easily”
Can be revived with the bloodtithe mechanic

+1 Damage for Exalte 8bound

Khorne Daemons Only and… Land Raiders is the restriction
This means Angron + 8Bound + Maybe Lord Invoctaus from WE and of course the Khorne Daemons

Some AoR Stratagems:
+1 to Wound
6″ Consolidate
If an opponent kills in 8bound in their shooting phase, but does not destroy the entire unit you can move it 9″ (May have ended up being D6 instead)
Buff Stratagem choose 1: 1) Obsec, 2)wound roll of 6 causes 1 MW up to 6, 3) 4+ FNP against MW

BAD News:
Only 1 Relic/WLT. No Stratagems for extra
Only 3 WLT for non-special Characters
No Subfactions

Helbrutes +1S +1A
Terminators +1S +1A
Heldrake unchanged
Forgefiend unchanged
Maulerfiend unchanged

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

Warhammer 40,000 has seen some epically powerful fighters in its 35 years, from risen Primarchs to incensed Avatars.

But few deserve even to be mentioned in the same breath as the apex predator of the 41st Millennium – Angron, Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters. A supreme fighter even before his ascension, Angron is a frothing cocktail of skill, power, and incandescent rage, and his arrival spells doom for those unlucky enough to meet him on the battlefield.

Just how powerful is he? We’re glad you asked.

40k AngronStats Dec12 Boxout1

Those beefy arms aren’t just for crushing bodybuilding competitions. The Red Angel clocks in at a monstrous Strength 9, making his open hand slaps as powerful as a lascannon blast, and that’s before he picks up his frankly terrifying weapons. Once he takes Samni’arius (the sword) and Spinegrinder (the axe) in hand, things get really wild.

40k AngronStats Dec12 Boxout2

Wielded as a pair, his Skull-taking Slash is perfect for VEHICLESMONSTERS, and especially stubborn CHARACTERS. Strength 14 wounds the majority of targets on a 2+, blowing right through tough hide or steel plating. Did we mention his mind-boggling 12 Attacks? That’s almost three wrecked Leman Russ Battle Tanks per turn* – on average. Do not get your fancy ride within a mile of this guy.

Don’t think that hordes of expendable infantry will bog him down either, as his Bloodletting Sweep triples the number of attacks he makes. Have you ever seen dozens of brave Battle Sisters disappear in the blink of an eye? You will soon.


With such power at Angron’s disposal, we wondered how he compares with his brothers in a mortal-murdering contest. Even with the assistance of a friendly Smite, a not-so-friendly Doombolt, and a downright rude Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Magnus the Red usually struggles to knock down more than 15 Imperial Guardsmen in a turn – never bring a nerd to a jock fight. Meanwhile, Mortarion averages a more respectable 21 kills with the reaping scythe profile on Silence, plus a noxious blast from his Lantern. 

Even with an average set of rolls, you can expect Angron to effortlessly eviscerate around 30 troopers like it’s no big deal. He might not have an arcane alien gun or fancy psychic powers to show off, but who needs magic when you have huge arms and a whopping great axe to grind?


As sheer rage and wrath incarnate, you’d be forgiven for thinking Angron’s a one trick pony, but he also has a number of handy support abilities to assist nearby World Eaters. Granted, he doesn’t make much effort to command his men, preferring to inspire them with furious bloodshed.

40k AngronStats Dec12 Boxout3

When not leading fellow Khornates to greater heights of brutality with Infectious Rage and Glorious Bloodletting, the Red Angel’s sheer presence is enough to root enemies in place. Once Angron is within reach, death is assured. For Angron himself, on the other hand, death is not assured – he can, and likely will, return from death if your army has performed sufficient slaughter using Reborn in Blood. How does that work? You’ll have to wait and see…

Hot on the heels of Angron, the Berzerkers, and Lord Invocatus comes a full range of blood-hungry followers of Khorne. All together now – “blood for the Blood God, skulls for the Skull Throne!”

The Eightbound

Virtually unrecognizable from the mortal Space Marines they once were, every member of the Eightbound is each possessed by eight (8!) separate daemons of Khorne. As you might expect, this makes them some of the most terrifying combatants in the galaxy – warriors locked in a constant battle for their own souls.

Sometimes the spirit of an Eightbound World Eater can even emerge triumphant, becoming one with the eight neverborn sharing its physical form. These are the Exalted Eightbound, even more dangerous and daemonic than others of their kind.

When you absolutely, positively have to ferociously eviscerate every enemy on the battlefield – send in the Eightbound, who come as a set of three.


The World Eaters army isn’t just about the elite combat monsters of the Butcher Astartes. There are also new mortal followers in the form of Jakhals… who are combat monsters in their own right. These cultists are only slightly less deranged than their masters, and favour sheer brutality over tactical niceties such as “guns”.

If you think they look nasty now, wait until you see what they can do when they’re all juiced up on stimms.

Lord on Juggernaut

Lead your ground-shaking charge with the savage Lord on Juggernaut. Anything lucky enough to survive a sweep of his exalted chainblade will find itself impaled on the Juggernaut’s bladed horn.

These new miniatures are all absolutely dripping with character – and blood, in most cases – and they’ll look even better when you put the entire army together.

Like most Traitor Legions, the World Eaters also include more ubiquitous units in their ranks, such as Land Raiders, Daemon Engines, and Terminators, as well as immortal Daemon Princes of Khorne. And thanks to the new Codex: Chaos Daemons, they can also be joined by furious daemonic allies…

FinalePreview Khorne Nov19 Image4

FinalePreview Khorne Nov19 Image5

But where are the rules for these shiny new followers of Khorne? Look no further than the gore-drenched Codex: World Eaters. Take a first glance at the cover of this tome of carnage.

FinalePreview Khorne Nov19 Image3

Khornate hordes are more like a natural disaster than a disciplined army, steamrolling planets in waves of bloodshed. It takes a warrior of supreme skill and confidence to command them – a warrior like Lord Invocatus.

Scholars of Chaos lore may have heard of Lord Invocatus’ exploits already, particularly his devastation of a powerful Deathwatch watch fortress in a previous Codex: Chaos Space Marines. He leads thunderous charges of Bloodcrushers and Berzerkers in frontal attacks that light the sky aflame, and some claim he even rides the flames themselves. 

WHDayPreview Khorne Oct8 Image1

His design pays homage to the classic Khorne Lord on Juggernaut from the early days of Warhammer 40,000, bringing the sheer mass and presence of the old metal miniature roaring into the modern day. It’s immediately clear that Lord Invocatus hits like a train full of bricks, and his Juggernaut has a chainsaw horn!

WHDayPreview Khorne Oct8 Image2

But what forces will he be leading? We’ve already seen a fresh new look for the Khorne Berzerkers, and the Daemon Primarch who leads them, but there’s more yet to come in 2023. Lord Invocatus would definitely look good leading a pack of summoned Flesh Hounds and Bloodcrushers into battle, but we wonder if he’ll have any more allies on the way…

If you’ve suddenly got a hankering to paint this incredibly detailed model – we certainly do – then don’t forget you can win him, along with everything else we’re showing off today, by creating a MyWarhammer account and signing up below.* Entries close at 11:59pm (BST) on the 10th of October, and then we’ll randomly draw a winner from a hollowed-out skull.**

After our first glimpse of a next-generation Khorne Berzerker in August, last week’s Warhammer Preview Online unveiled the full squad in all their gory glory. These ferocious troops are packed with all the World Eaters stylings we know and love – and the Blood God’s champions are taking things a step further. 

It’s time to take a sneak peek at some truly brutal pieces from this and a few of the other upcoming World Eaters kits to see what makes these particular devotees of Khorne unique.

40k Khorne Sep5 Image1

Skulls are a much-loved motif in the 41st Millennium, but the World Eaters are the original cranium collectors. Khorne and skulls go together like Orks and green, and the Blood God’s followers build their bony trophies into armour plates and hang them from brazen icons. It’s a grim fashion statement that neatly straddles the fine line between tasteful and terrifying.

10,000 years of exposure to the warp will leave its mark on anyone – and horns, claws, and teeth burst out of armour plates as the World Eaters’ attire twists to suit their bestial nature. These parts are clearly meant for vicious close-combat machines, and mark particularly savage fighters as people to avoid – as if the massive chainblade wasn’t enough of a warning.

40k Khorne Sep5 Image2

What exactly is that? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

The Legion’s gladiatorial roots show up in small details all over the new models, from belt straps with broken chainmail to leather wrappings on their signature chainaxes. The axes themselves are adorned with classic Khornate motifs – skulls, spikes, and lots of brass trim.

40k Khorne Sep5 Image3

World Eaters often strip away parts of their armour to give their chopping arms greater freedom of movement, replacing their classic pauldrons with small, angular plates reminiscent of Cataphractii-pattern Terminator armour.

40k Khorne Sep5 Image4

One of the most recognizable parts of a Khornate Space Marine is their incredible taste in headwear, and the great sweeping vanes return with more detail and sharper points than ever before. If feeling the wind in your hair as you charge is more your thing, you’ll also have a wide selection of bare heads – some with horrifying fanged rebreather masks designed to reflect Khorne’s affinity for hounds.

40k Khorne Sep5 Image5

It’s been a truly bracing Khorne Day. We’ve seen a realm-murdering Gorechosen, rules for hordes of blood-slicked daemons, and downright hungry-looking XII Legion shoulders. Mountains of skulls tower towards the sky, blood sloshing down from their lofty peaks – and out of the rising carnage steps forth a solitary figure clad in crimson and brass.

40k Khorne Aug8 Image1

The mighty chains that once held Angron back were no match for his unfettered rage. In his wake follow the Khorne Berzerkers, brutal footsoldiers grasping roaring chainblades caked with viscera. 

The current Khorne Berzerkers are one of the longest-serving plastic kits of the 41st Millennium – a genuine classic that has spent two decades out on the battlefield, earning them a nice retirement in Khorne’s Domain on the soothing banks of the Rivers of Blood.*

40k Khorne Aug8 Image2

The Khorne Berzerker is dead. Long live the Khorne Berzerker, in an all-new and very skull-y plastic kit. These fierce line-breakers will now look even better as they crash headlong into the enemy’s front line in a maelstrom of violence. 

Codex: World Eaters is on its way, albeit a little while off yet, and the Lord of Skulls has plenty more in store for these ensanguined warriors.

If things weren’t dire enough for the Imperium, what with the opening of the Great Rift and all the other threats from within and without, another Daemon Primarch has rejoined the battle for the fate of the galaxy – he might not look it, but he’s extremely happy to be back.

Angron is arguably the most tragic figure of the Horus Heresy, a tormented soul failed by everyone. Used as a weapon by his masters, his hated father, and even his brother Horus, Angron’s fall to damnation could so easily have been prevented. But fall he did – and his current form bears horrifying witness to 10,000 years of pure hate.

Angron WarCom1

The Daemon Primarch of Khorne is a gigantic slab of warp-fuelled muscle. He’s been totally reforged into the image of his bloody master, flesh as red as the cascade of gore he leaves in his wake. 

Yet take a closer look and you can still see the origins of this Daemon Prince. The Butcher’s Nails are still present, now fused into his very form. Likewise, scraps of his old Nucerian warplate still remain – like the shoulder pad that pays homage to his former Legion, even if the teeth are now somehow more… daemonic, a gaping maw almost literally eating worlds.

Angron WarCom2

Earning his ‘Red Angel’ moniker, the entity once known as the Lord of the Red Sands retains other trappings from his long-ago life as a gladiator in the arenas of his brutal home world. The weapons may be new, but they’re still chained to his wrists – Nuceria-style. 

The World Eaters are breaking free of the confines of Codex: Chaos Space Marines and will be getting their own book! The Death Guard and Thousand Sons have already received the same treatment, which gives you an idea of what to expect – bespoke abilities, in-depth lore, terrifying new miniatures, and more. 

The new codex for the XII Legion is still a little way off – but the Warhammer Studio are hard at work in Khorne’s sweltering hell-forges, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the meantime, those of you who already have World Eaters armies can keep taking heads – we’ll soon be publishing an Index Hereticus of updated rules in White Dwarf, including datasheets for Khârn and the Berzerkers, to use with the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Among the new models arriving with the codex are – of course – updated Khorne Berzerkers! The current miniatures have served the Lord of War for decades, claimed plenty of skulls and spilt their share of blood, and now it’s time for them to return to the Brass Citadel and put their feet up.* But what will the new miniatures look like? We managed to twist a few arms in the studio for an exclusive first look at something rather important…

Fest2022 Khorne May4 Image1

Khorne Berzerkers can’t go anywhere without their roaring chainaxes, and they’ll be using these heinous hatchets to chop their way through everything the 41st Millennium has to offer.

That’s not all – the codex will contain old favorites, dark legends, and some things that you’ve never seen before… We’ll be bringing you more updates on Codex: World Eaters and these murderous new miniatures over the next few months on Warhammer Community – so you can follow the Eightfold Path right up to release.

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