BoK Reviews: White Dwarf Issue #124

White Dwarf Issue #124: Certain Death Awaits!

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Contents: New Releases

We get the return of an old board game at a reasonable price; Lost Patrol featuring a squad of Space Marine Scouts trying to survive a journey though a jungle filled with Genestealers. GW is also releasing two new Start Collecting sets, the first one is for the Militarum Tempestus and the second for Chaos Space Marines. The Scions one is an amazing deal featuring all new models, while the CSM box is pretty terrible both from a model and play-ability stand point.

Contents: Lost in the Jungle

Here we get a rundown on the rules for Lost Patrol, unlike many White Dwarf tutorials this one does a fantastic job of showing us how the game play works and the high res images really show off the jungle titles used. After you get an idea on how the game works the White Dwarf staff takes some extra pages to provide useful tactics on how to win the game as the Scouts.

What is GW saying?

Released June, 11th 2016

The Lost Patrol is found! That’s right – White Dwarf 124 is here and with it the return of a classic, the boxed game Lost Patrol, in a new, updated edition. This game is a challenge and no mistake – read all about it, and how the White Dwarf team got on trying to battle their way through the jungles of Moraz III, past the lurking hordes of Genestealers. Speaking of Genestealers, we’ve got an in-depth guide to these fabled xenos nightmares – what they are, where they came from, the history of their design and more – plus there’s a spotlight on Golden Demon winner Gareth Nicholas, and still yet more in The Week in White Dwarf. Lose yourself in a copy now.

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Contents: Genestealer Genealogy

Here is a Imperial history of Genestealers, what is great about this little history is it mirrors the fluff evolution, as Genestealers got moore integrated into the Tyranid story.

Contents: Spotlight Garth Nicholas

This section is an in-depth look at one fantastic painter, Garth Nicholas winner of the Slayer Sward at the Golden Demon awards last year. Garth shows off a amazing selection of his works. It chronicles how he evolved as a painter giving useful insights on how to grow as a painter. Here is the model that won him the Slayer Sword in 2015


Contents: The Week In…

Lost Patrol ramblings and pretty pictures, which is really all we can hope for with this section at this point.

Next Issue Hint: The Paths of the Eldar, Readers’ Models, And the Army of Death!

Final Verdict

Issue #124 is an interesting look at old game updated and features some amazing art work, but once again all you are getting is another set of advertisements.