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40k Douche Bag: Planet Money Grab

Hot off Imperial Guard  and Werewolves in Space news, now Planetstrike rumors from the great fountain of rumors, Warseer. After loathing Apocalypse, I was instantly skeptical about Planetstrike. I feared that GW was double dipping into the large scale battle salsa again. Much to my shock, as more and more information is filtered, this does not seem the case. Planetstrike is now turning out to be more like City Fight and less like Apocalypse. Still City Fight had the opposite problem as Apocalypse in being too small and really favoring certain units over other others. What Planet Strike is attempting, is to bridge both game expansions into something more people can jump into. Done properly it could be a welcome addition to 40k universe. If the rumors are correct you will not have to expand much, for your current roster to play Planetstrike. Attackers basically get more Elite slots and defenders get more Heavy slots, which is not as extreme as many formations in Apocalypse. My biggest fear still though is that Super Heavies and Flyers will make there way into the system, turning it into, “He who has the money with make everyone else miserable”. Luckily, judging from the leaked pictures there is not a Titan or Baneblade to be found anywhere. There is no sign of formations just assets, which are my favorite part of Apocalypse. If...

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40k Douche Bag: Deployment is key to your redundancy

Over at BoLS is a post about deployment from everyone’s favorite artist/tactician, Thomas AKA Goat Boy. The post is fine as a topic. What is annoying is the pattern of Goatse’s army lists, chalk full of repetition and lack of originality. Systemic of competitive play currently. Let’s take a look at the list… HQ: Daemon Prince, Wings, Warptime, MoN HQ: Daemon Prince, Wings, Warptime, MoN Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta Troops: 10 Plague Marines, Melta (2), Asp Champ, Combi-Melta, Powerfist, Rhino Troops: 10 Plague Marines, Melta (2), Asp Champ, Combi-Melta, Powerfist, Rhino Troops: 9 Plague Marines, Plasma Gun (2), Asp Champ, Plasma Pistol, Powerfist, Rhino Heavy: Deflier, Extra Close Combat Arms Heavy: Deflier, Extra Close Combat Arms Heavy: Deflier, Extra Close Combat Arms HQ: After getting a few lashings about lash armies, Goatse has gone to using the same Nurgle DPs for the last 10 CSM lists. Elites: I am sure he has heard about a few people running 6 walker lists for CSM this fits closely into that mold. Troops: Oh shocker here Plague Marines with Melta and more Melta, oh wait plasma the other power build. Heavy: He cannot break his streak of taking the same thing within each force organization. Do not get me wrong this is one tough army, it also happens to be flavor of the month. He is also trying to trick...

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