I want everyone to make a pact with me, SAY NO TO COSPLAY. I am sorry, but 40k is neither an avatar based mmo nor does it have animated characters with big eyes. I call on everyone to leave the cosplay to professionals; undersexed Trekkers, Booth Babes, Renfaire freaks, WoW retards, and androgynous Asians. I would prefer you finish painting your armies, then you devote time to sewing. I would rather you buy modeling supplies then fabric. These are just some reasons not to cosplay in 40k. I know why you do it though, let me explain why you have to stop.

I know you feel like your special. You think you are taking the hobby to the next level. In truth you are simply going for attention. You do not care about a negative or positive responses, you just want someone to notice. Sadly, though your stuck in a world where being a geek is now cool. You used to get a curious look by busting out a figure, now people just walk by. So you try to turn back the clock to a time and place where jocks would throw crap for just pulling out a magic deck. I am sorry those times are gone. Warhammer is an international recognized brand; video games to even a shout out on SNL, 40k is pretty mainstream. Try not to relive boot camp while rolling a scatter die. When you try to cosplay 40k you realized just how unrealistic it is translate plastic figures into full blow costumes. Besides we cannot compete with the big boys. Here is what I mean…

cosplay12 VS bestcos22

cosplay2 VS bestcos3

cosplay3 VS bestcos1

cosplay4 VS bestcos41

Really look closely and be the judge.

Then there was the horror that was Baltimore Games Day, BoLS has some craptabular images of the costumes there. I am sorry that you cannot get people to notice you, but please do not take it out on my hobby. You will get noticed more if you paint well and play hard and fun. That is really what 40k is about, not living out some fantasy of being gene-seeded by the Emperor.