Thanks to everyone for their patience. In retrospect Blood of Kittens should have waited before posting anything about possible cheating, it was a knee jerk attempt stay ahead of the story. After reviewing all the evidence it is only proper to allow the community to comment and let the evidence speak for itself. Key pieces of information are missing and I hope that the 40k community can put it all together. After you watch the videos judge for yourself and let me know what you think. Please forgive the video quality and angles, this was a back up video because my HD camera crapped out just when I needed it most.

The video you are about to see shows the final round match in Adepticon’s Championship Tournament with the winner receiving a ticket to Vegas to compete in GW only GT. The battle was between Nick Rose (IG) and Tim Schimdt (SM). The cheating (if it is) goes from bad to worse.

This first video shows a two-man tactical squad falling back; what ensues is an argument on how to move these models. If done properly the Marines will for the most part be escorted off the board. Instead Nick gives up arguing and allows Tim to move them where he wants. In future turns these models end up neutralizing two Manticores. It should also be known that the all the Chimeras involved are wrecks, which is very important because falling back units head  towards owning player’s closest board edge regardless of dangerous terrain.


This second video involved shows an Rhino with some serious upgraded tech.


This third video is the really important one.


So the real question had Tim been playing with 4 missile launchers in his previous games? Blood of Kittens does have a picture showing Tim’s army before the first game of the day. If you look in the top center you can make out 4 missile launchers.

All of these issues can be explained away. What we need is Tim’s side of the story, as well as the first two opponents experiences playing against him. Nick’s experience playing him was very unpleasant, but we should let him speak for himself. Another piece of interesting information is Tim ended up with 28 out 36 Sportsmanship the third lowest out of 111 level players– Nick ended up with 33 out of 36.

In the end Nick Rose should have gotten a judge right away. We cannot expect an event as large as Adepticon to police every game for list breaking, its the responsibility of the players to police themselves.

Going forward we must answer the eternal question when is it cheating? In a previous post many people commented about dice cheating and what was legal and what was not. The same can be said about these videos depending on your perspective and experiences.

When is someone just a douche and when are they a cheater and should Tim’s behavior qualify?