Here are the results for the latest GT. Here are what the top two tables looked like going into the final round as well as the results sheet provided by Scgwl themselves.

The first table saw David Fay CSM go against Justin Hilderbrandt Dark Eldar.

Also some of these armies are approximations changes will be made as available.

David Fay CSM List


Justin Hilderbrandt Dark Eldar List

The second top table had Reese Robbins IG against John Mann Blood Angels

Reccius Robbins IG List


John Mann Blood Angels List

No PDF yet.

HQ: Librarian in Terminator armor with storm shield, with Fear the Darkness + Unleash Rage
Troop1: 10x Assault Marines with 2 melta guns, sergeant with power fist and storm shield.
Troop2: 10x Assault Marines with 2 melta guns, sergeant with power fist and storm shield.
Elite1: 6x Assault terminators; 2 with lightning claws, 4 with thunderhammers, inside elite land raider crusader with multi-melta and extra armor
Elite2: Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armor
Elite3: Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack
Fast1: Baal Predator with twin-linked Assault Cannons
Fast2: Baal Predator with twin-linked assault Cannons

Heavy1: Vindicator with siege shield
Heavy2: 5 Devestators with 4x Missile Launchers
Heavy3: Predator with Autocannon and Lascannon sponsons

Reece’s IG won as well as David’s CSM

The results ended up looking like this…

Overall – David Fay (Nurgle Chaos Marine army) won on tie breakers

Best General- Justin Hilderbrant (Dark Eldar Witch List)
2nd General- Reece Robins  (Guard)
3rd General- Brad Townsend  (Space Wolves)

Best Painted- Anthony Wang (Nurgle Chaos Marines)
2n Best Painted- Ryan Shepard (Guard)
3rd Best Painted- Kieth Silva (Eldar)

The Socal Slaughter team decided to give one ticket to the Best General and not just the top two players overall. Leaving David and Justin getting the tickets as opposed to David and Reece.

Here is the PDF for all the results.

SoCal Slaughter In Space 2010 Scores

As well you can follow some battle reports from the top generals over on DakkaDakka…

Justin Hilderbrant Battle Reports

Reece Robbins Battle Reports