This weekend we have another GT this time in Toronto Canada.  I am not sure if this is Canadian thing, but there are some major differences between this event and any American event. I have made contact with the organizers so I hope to get results when they’re made available. You can find all this information on their site, but here it is in a condensed form.

Armies must be composed of no greater than 1500 points. It is a very soft score heavy event with Sportsmanship making up just under a third of your possible points. Here is a break down.

  • 78 points – Game Play
  • 60 points – Sportsmanship
  • 30 points – Appearance
  • 20 points – Composition
  • 10 points – Army List
  • 2 points – Bonus for submitting your Army List prior to the event
  • Now that is only the start of things. Now it only gets weirder.

    Here is a list of everything you can use at this event.

    What armies will be allowed?

    • All Codex supported armies.
    • Codex Blood Angels – (WD, GW PDF Download)
    • Imperial Armour Volume I: Armoured Battle Group; Vehicles
    • Imperial Armour Volume II: Space Marines vehicles.
    • Imperial Armour Volume III: Tau & Imperial forces.
    • Imperial Armour Volume IV: Tyranid forces & Imperial forces.
    • Imperial Armour Volume IV: Chaos forces & Imperial forces.
    • Imperial Armour Volume V: Siege of Vraks.
    • Imperial Armour Volume VI: Siege of Vraks vol 2.
    • Lost and the Damned – Allowed, but with certain changes.  Refer to the approved Lost and the Damned army list.Note: This will be getting a minor revision soon.

    Chapter Approved articles, armies, and units which are allowed*:

    • Vehicle Design Rules (VDR) – Chapter Approved 2004
    • Kroot Mercenaries – Chapter Approved 2004
    • Abhumans – Abhuman Doctrines for the Imperial Guard (WD 301 Canada)
    • Armoured Company – White Dwarf
    • Tau Human Auxiliaries
    • Witch Hunter Adversaries*
    • Witch Hunter Zealots

    *Note that the Psychic Apocalypse HQ selection  may be taken but is only available when fighting against Witch Hunters. Units from this Adversaries list may not be taken as the compulsory choices from the Force Organization chart.   Lost and the Damned armies may only select the Rogue Psyker HQ choice.  Necron players may not use these HQ selections at all.  Characters with the Mark of Khorne cannot use the HQ rules.

    What stands out the most is the VDR rules! The TOs are responsible if your creation passes muster. The craziness does not end there! The missions are determined by the terrain on each table. . This means no single player will have the same set of missions as another player.  As a 72 person event that means 36 different missions! Now that sounds pretty cool, I am just not sure about the logistics for a GT. Especially when some tables have…

    The city fighting rules from Cities Of Death and the jungle fighting rules from Codex: Catachans may be used on some of the tables.

    I am impressed with variety this event is shooting for. Still I just can imagine the cluster f*** this could be.

    What do you guys think?

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