Typically I leave the rumors to Bell of Lost Souls and Warseer. This time though I been made privy to some great news from a reliable source (at least he thinks he is reliable hehe) concerning the Dark Eldar. These rumors are a mix of new, along with greater clarity of old. So without further ado here is what I gots…

Three new skimmers

  1. Vyper/Razorback hybrid transport with many weapon options.
  2. “Fighter” designed to take out other skimmers.
  3. “Bomber” designed for well bombing…

Mandrakes are in and have scout (duh)

Melta & Lance weapon confirmed str 6 12″ range.

Talos is in, specialized in killing Walkers.

Combat drugs are in and are “streamlined”

Army wide ability which is a cross between Red Thirst and Epidemius tally power (revolves around casualties inflicted)

No vehicle will have an AV higher than 11 (keeping with past editions)

Dark Eldar are a designed as an Alpha Strike army. If you can survive the first turn you will have a good shot of beating them.

Expect a Sept-Nov release. So put away your Nemesis Force Weapons they are not coming till Jan 2011 at the earliest.

As a reminder my site has never done these kinds of rumors before so take that as a warning. As well GW does change it’s mind on a whim. If this information does pans out expect more otherwise I will return to my regularly schedule douchery.

Also read and comment on Nathan Fluger article it is really good (usually I give each post a few days), but I felt getting rumors out sooner than later was important.