Looks like reporter Goatboy took some great notes for me about the winners at this last weekend GT. Many of the lists I don’t have enough to make AB files out of, but I have enough that you should get the gist.

The Alamo was a 2000 point GT.

Top Table was John Brock vs. Jonathan Williangham

John Brock – Mech IG – 2 Manticores, 2 Vendettas, 1 Valk, vets, 2 plasma commands, lots of chimeras.

Jonathan Williangham Space Wolves- Space Wolves Logan Wing – 2 – 9 Man WG Terminator Squads – Logan – 2 LF with 5 ML each, 3 Grey Hunter 10 man in drop pods, 2 Flamers, 2 Melta x 2

Win John Brock

Table Two was John Wolf vs. Russell Adams

John Wolf CSM -Huron, Winged Tzneetch Lord with Daemon Weapon, 2x 8 Berserkers (champ w/PF, icon) in Rhinos, 2x 6 summoned lesser daemons, 8 Possessed of Tzneetch6 Raptors of Slaanesh (2xmelta, PW champ)6 Chosen (4xmelta, PF) in Rhino, 2x 1 Obliterator, Defiler, all CCWs

Russell Adams Orks- 3 Wagons, 30 lootas, nob bikerz, warboss on a bike, 1 Slugga 19 man squad, 2 20 man shoota squads, Big MekRussel beat JWolf due to turn 5 ending.

Win Russell Adams

Table Three was Brian Ellis vs. Jay Roy

Brian Ellis- CSM, 2 Lash Princes, 2 Defilers, 3 Oblits,  Noise marines, Greater Daemon

Jay Roy-  CSM HQ: Abaddon the Despoiler HQ: Demon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Sorcerer, Warptime HQ: Summoned Greater Demon Troops: 8 Khorne Berserkers, Icon, Champion w/ Power Fist, Rhino Troops: 7 Plague Marines, Icon, Champion, Rhino Troops (4): 5 Summoned Lesser Demons, Fast Attack: 5 Raptors, 2 meltaguns, Icon of Slaanesh, Champion w/ Power Weapon, Heavy Support: Land Raider, Extra Armor, Heavy Support (2): 2 Obliterators


Table Four was Thomas (Goatboy) Reidy vs. Jeff Grajeda

Thomas Reidy Space Wolves – -3 Wolf Lords, 12 Dogs, 1 RP, 2 Grey H 10 man squads with 2 melta, PW, MoW, Rhino – 9 man Grey Hunter Squad with 1 flamer, pw, mow, rhino, 3 LF with 3 ML, 2 HB

Jeff Grajeda Orks – 4 Wagons, Ghaz, 6 man nob biker squad, 2 20 man Slugga, 19 man slugga, 4 Meganobz, Deff Dread with claws.

Win Thomas Reidy

The the prize winners were…

Jim Bowie Award (Best Overall): John Brock (Mechanized IG)

Davy Crockett Award (Best Sportsman): Thomas “Goatboy” Reidy (Goat Angels)

Santa Anna Award (Best General): Russell Adams (Speed Freak Orks)
2nd Best General: Jay Roy (Sons of Horus themed CSM)
3rd Best General: Jon Wolf (also with CSM)