The good people over at Hogs of War got me some detailed info on who last weekend GT in Northern Arkansas. Here is snap shot of the final results.

Click to enlarge.

As well as a summary of the top 5 winners armies.

The 1st place Guard Player had a manticore, medusa, hydras, psyker squads, some Vendettas, and a bunch of dudes in chimeras.
The 2nd place Space Wolves player had two units of Thunder Wolves, a unit of scouts, and a bunch of Grey Hunters with Rune Priests.
The 3rd place Tyranid Player had a Hive Tyrant, 2 tervigons, a unit of warriors, two units of Hive Guard, and a bunch of troops – genestealers and Termagants.
The 4th place Space Wolves had TH/SS Terminators, Ragnar, Grey Hunters, a Land Raider
The 5th place Ork Player had Kans, 2 unit of nob bikers, a unit of lootas, and two units of Trukk Boys.
Here is a link to some of the tables and terrain featured at the event.
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