Here at Blood of Kittens we strive to showcase topics and discussions that you don’t normally find on your typical 40k blog. That is why Blood of Kittens presents this new series that promotes the artists that often get over looked bringing the 40k universe to life. I can remember almost 20 years ago how cool the art was in the two Realm of Chaos books and how they shaped the way I looked at the 40k universe. Today a new group of artists both digital and analog still produce fantastic work. It is Blood of Kittens hope that you take a look, sit back, and enjoy the beauty and sheer epicness that is Warhammer 40k art. Remember to click for enlarged images.

Odds are if you have seen cover art for Fantasy Flight Games or a Dan Abbnett novel than you have seen Clint Langley. This British illustrator is prolific and his talent stretches beyond Warhammer. Client Langley is now the face of Warhammer Art. He combines the skills of a traditional illustrator with digital art to truly create the wonderful universe of Warhammer 40k. He a master of bringing our models and fantasies to a high state of realism we only wish we had not even 5 years ago. Here are some examples

From texture to color Langley nails almost any figure he is trying to represented. The motion and sneer of this Inquisitor are pitch perfect.

My favorite images of Eldar are those of Clint Langley. Gone are the clean lines of past representations for once we really get the “gothic” textures that even the Eldar would succumb to in this dark future. The use of an almost pure monochromatic palette is stunning. Really how many hues of blue are possible in one picture? Even her blue eyeliner says badass.

If Clint has a weakness it would be his focus on figures that he often forgets to apply with his backgrounds. While the models here are impressive the tangle of thorns and background do not do them justice. They often blur the eye where they should be focusing making images seem out of place.

Clint can stretch a bit and articulate a grittier style as represented in this beauty. He often produces this using shadows that he punctuates with textured oranges and yellows to train the eye.

Here are some more of my favorites.

If you want to find out more information about Clint Langley visit his official site and wiki.

Official Site


Here is another a photo library of all the images found in the Art of  Clint Langley book.


I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the book as it is just really spectacular.

The Art of Clint Langley