Here are some of the latest rumblings concerning the Drama that is 40k Radio. Blood of Kittens has been contacted by a few people who claim to have knowledge of the situation and it seems that Spencer may have been a very bad man. The strange thing about these new set of rumors is that groups independent of each have said the same thing. Here is a simple list from bad to worse…

  1. The email that originally forced 40k radio to shut down had a portion of it doctored: that is to say Spencer added the parts about the threats made against his family. The hate filled email (regardless of what was added it still was over the top) was sent out in mass to many people at the same time as Spencer and it didn’t have much of what Spencer claimed it said.
  2. Now we start to go down the road of how do people know this??…but it seems that Spencer has never reported his taxes as it pertains to 40k Radio and he needs money from selling the show to pay the IRS.
  3. Finally and this is the worst if true. It seems that Spencer might be taking the money sent his way to “Save the Show” and putting in his pocket. Now while I don’t understand why he would be this unscrupulous, but it is consistent with his behavior. 40k radio has at various times not followed through with prize support or money that was promised for services rendered by people and game stores.

I would normally put all these rumors as hearsay, but many different people are saying the same thing. I am really more curious what you the readers may have heard about the situation.

As for good 40k Radio news it seems their were two potential buyers for the show. One was Eldanesh which has hosted the show before as a frequent guest and the other being Romeo from Battlefoam one of the sponsors. Well as of yesterday it seems that we have a winner in, “Can I buy that domain name for a 1000 Alex”….

The winner is Battlefoam!!

Here is the post direct from Romeo on the 40k Radio website (which is down at the moment)

Hello guys,

Romeo here from Battle Foam.

I noticed my name on here so I thought I would stop in and say hi. I can not comment on any inside information except to say that 40K Radio will be back!

It will be as exciting as ever and the new show format should make everyone very happy.

I would also like to say that Spencer has really put his heart and soul into the future of 40K Radio and will always be a part of it in some way.

I can also say that the new format will feature a great cast and amazing content. We hope to bring the community of pod casts and hosts back together in a new and exciting way.

Lastly the show will be a community friendly show promoting what we all love, 40k and the warhammer hobby.

I personally have a relationship with most hosts from various pod casts across the net. Because of that they will all be part of the new format in some fashion.

Please be patient with us during this transition period and look for the show to release its new episodes very shortly.

Long live 40K Radio, and long live wargaming pod casts!

Battle Foam
Protecting Your Army (Shameless plug, lol)

So what does this mean for Spencer? or any other caster from the past? Who knows. My guess is that the website is down because of it being transferred or updated, so just hold your horses. I think the idea of Romeo owning 40kradio fits nicely in his plan to have us all wearing his green backpacks. Romeo has a personality that you might not like, but he does know how to sell a product and himself. So it will be interesting to see where he takes 40k Radio. I am sure we will know more soon enough….