First off I did an interview for the great guys over at the 11th Company podcast and it is up on their latest episode. You can hear my beautiful voice as I talk about every topic under the sun.  Here is a linky…

Episode 24

In other news we what I would call the wrap-up of old 40k Radio with the now new 40k Radio. Here is a cut and paste from the Freebootaz forum.

Loyal Freebootaz. Today I bring you news unfettered by rumor or implication. You are the first to hear this announcement and I would ask on your honor as Bootaz that you refrain from spreading the word beyond these Forums. A public announcement will be posted on the 40K Main Page early Saturday. This private anouncement was done as a favor to me and to you so that the Freebootaz would have the time to digest this news in peace.
After a friendly and somewhat lengthy series of discussions, Spencer has sold 40K Radio to Romeo Filip of Battlefoam fame. Lock, stock and barrel. 40K Radio LLC is now officially an Arizona based company under the Battlefoam LLC umbrella. I am sure THAT didn’t come as a surprise to many, given recent discussions.  However, it is important to realize that the 40K Radio entity is now solely owned by Romeo…and that the documents are signed!
So let me go through the points I raised in my State of the Forums Address and see if I can fill in the details a bit better. Things have certainly moved forward!
Spencer will always be associated with 40K Radio. He broke the ground and plowed uphill through trackless wilderness to create 40K Radio. Having reached the summit, Spencer has decided to relay 40K Radio to the next man…to let Romeo climb the next hill. Spencer is sure to be involved going forward but as a guest, a consultant, an adviser and a friend to Romeo’s 40K Radio. I am sure Spencer will look on with pride as 40K Radio pushes forward and upward from where he now stands. I suspect the large mound of plastic and beer nearby may have something to do with his reluctance to do any more plowing…that crap ain’t gonna build/drink itself! But I am equally sure that he’ll be checking in from time to time to see how things are progressing. We miss ya Spencer…and we look forward to spending more time with you on the Forum.
The Show
Vague rumors can now be replaced with concrete substance. Bear with me…there is much to tell. 40K Radio the Podcast will be returning like a juggernought. The first show will be available for download on July 15th. This show will be a short half hour news brief and intro to the new hosts. The idea here is to make sure everyone understands where the show is going and who will be involved. The first full show will be available for download on August 1st…and it will be roaring forth like a Speed Freak. There will then be a new show posted every 1st and 15th of every month going forward. No more honking around when the show will be posted…1st and 15th. Mark your calendars.
Ok so perhaps you’ve been wondering exactly what the “Show” will be? First off, the show will be completely pre-recorded. I know. No more live show.  Take a breath….let it out. Take another. Ok, for some of you…go get a beer or perhaps something stronger. All good? The show will no longer be live. There will be no Bar. There will be no call ins that are not pre-recorded. Change! Gasp! Be strong, brave Bootaz…for the show appears to be maturing into something pretty cool.
Each show will have the following segments and will last between 2:00 and 2:30 hrs.
Segment One: (30 mins): This Week in Gaming: a discussion of gaming in general…not limited to 40K.
Segment Two: (60 mins) 40K: Segments focused solely on Warhammer 40K.
Segment Three: (30 mins): Interviews and Special Segments: Wide variety of 40K-related interviews and/or special announcements and/or whatever is cool.
Segment Four: (10-20 mins): Product Reviews: Covering terrain, equipment, paint, etc….anything hobby related.
Segment Five: (10-20 mins): This Week in Podcasting: a review of what other podcasts are talking about this week.
Wait, did I forget to mention the Hosts? The new faces of 40K Radio? Well..maybe not that new…. Our new Lead Host, well known by Bootaz everywhere and considered by many to be one of the leading reasons for their 12 Step Program…GEORGE MILLER!! Our very own Eldanesh will be manning the mic for us and bringing us the Word every two weeks. But no man can fill the awesomely huge shoes of 40K Radio’s previous hosts alone. I’d like to introduce to you George’s Wolfbrother, broodmember and squadmate….Rik Massei! “Captain Rikarius” (yes, fellow Man of Blueness, lover of all things Ultra) may not be known by all the Bootaz. So he has provided a little personal info for us (my comments in parentheses):
DoB: 03-06-81 (almost able to shave)
Years in Hobby: 8 (includes 2 years of fingerpainting)
Games Played: [/B]40K, Fantasy, FoW, Warmachine, Malifaux and anything else with little men (not touching that one)
Armies Owned: ULTRAMARINES, Dark Angels, Crimson Fists, Imperial Fists, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, (seeing a pattern here?), Chaos Marines-Night Lords, Nidz
Arch Nemesis: Romeo Filip and his stupid Orks
Likes: Power Armor, Space Marine Blue (Haha! Take THAT!), Hockey, His Girlfriend, Buying more space marines than a GW store, Showers and the San Jose Sharks
Dislikes: Ugly painted models, price hikes, the bathroom at Origins, Sharks not winning the Stanley Cup (winning? Hahhahaaahhaaa…!)
Hobby Employment: 2 Tours with Games Workshop, Jack of All Trades at Battlefoam (poor bastard….)
Now the first shows will be developed, designed and decanted by George and Rikarius. Once the show has settled in and the wheels have been greased and things are rolling, a third host seat will be added….a rotating host seat. A person with knowledge, powers and abilities that would add the most to a given episode will be brought in to provide a new and additional perspective to the topics being discussed. Of course, he may also be brought in just to be humiliated…publicly.
So what’s missing in all this talk about the Show? Romeo! Battlefoam! Right. Look, many peple have felt that with Battlefoam and 40K Radio under the same roof, that the Show would become the Battlefoam Infomercial. That Romeo’s ugly mug would be dancing around in front of the camera like a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Not gonna happen. Well, ok, something amazingly cool might get announced and maybe Romeo might wanna show up to describe how he just beat the living crap out of someone using an amazing new tactic. But the Show is gonna stand tall on its own. George and Rikarius are going to make it great entertainment filled with great content. Of course, we haven’t heard any shows yet…so I think the best course of action here is to sit back, download the first few episodes with great enthusiasm and a wide open mind…and listen.
Now…one last point. Each show will be created by the Hosts. However, each show will be produced by Romeo Filip and Teras Cassidy (yes , yes, the Geek Tours wunderkind!). Their fierce dedication to production values and critical eye for nuance and verissimilitude will provide the means for achieving greatness in each episode. Between the raw passion of the Hosts and the heady genius of the Producers, 40K Radio will achieve new heights in Podcasting excellence. (and they better…or the Warmaster will have to provide some “encouragement” )

The Swagmart
Nothing to say that is concrete except that SwagMart will soon contain far more choices and reliable order filling. More to come after much more discussion.
The Freeboota Forum

You may have guessed that the Forums will be a very important part of the future of 40K Radio. Freebootaz will be the Honor Guard, the Chosen, the Nobz, the…aw you get it…. We will be the heart of 40K Radio…as we always have been. The Forums will be cleaned up, reorganized and improved…both cosmetically and functionally. Many of the ideas Spencer and our Fabricator General were working on will become reality. Now is the time to think about what would make the Forums more amazing…and let me know. I will be creating a thread for those suggestions so think hard and post often.
Supporting JanusKain and I, your new official fearless leaders, are the Mods. Axinous, Brother Grimm, HockeyHyper, Total Anorky, Wolfy…gentlemen all! Look to them for guidance, support and draconian punishment. Wait. No. Look to ME for draconian punishment. Look to Janus for machine spirit placation. Look to the Mods for a sympathetic shoulder to cry on while you tell them your life story….they love that crap.

Freebootaz! We embark on a new path forward and upward. Janus and I look forward to marching along with you. Well..just so long as by “marching” we mean…carried in a stately manner on gilded cushy chairs.

There you have it Battlefoam and 40k Radio are one and the Romeo Empire grows! 40kradio should now be on the up and up, as always judgment will have to wait till we get a first listen of the new 40kradio.