In the 40k universe one voice stands above the rest as the defender of non-competitive play that person is Andrew Sutton otherwise known as Stelek founder of the website Yes the Truth Hurts.

…this is his story.


This might be the last you see me rant about Stelek as I will explain later it is becoming pretty pointless even for me.

Anyway normally I don’t take requests, but for some sick reason people want me to comment on the latest Stelek inspired freak out pity party. This time it involves something to do with a tournament he cannot attend in Europe and is mad that people with jobs have the gall to make a team and play wargames against other teams. So in the typical Stelek arm-chair fashion he attacks the lists and the players involved. After which the flying monkeys descended and eagerly ate the ticks off mother Sutton.

Is there really anything new here? Sadly not really.

Only thing that is somewhat interesting is a comment made by one commenter in particular.

It’s always funny to see people declare a given event or tournament format “not 40k”. Everyone has his own preferences and prejudices, and everyone thinks his are the way things ought to be. As an example, here on this blog 2000pts is the standard list size. But at the UK GW GTs (and at the Vegas invitational next year) 1500 is standard.

None of the restrictions in the ETC make it any less of test of skill than pretty much any other competitive format. It’s a test of somewhat different skills, but that doesn’t make it illegitimate or irrelevant, or anything other than another variant of competitive 40k. The parochial morons who dismiss or insult it only put their own inadequacies and ignorance on display.

I don’t think all those lists are necessarily good or great, but I’ve met and/or played against most of the guys on the team, and I have no doubt that they’re comfortable with their tools and can and will win games with them. There are a number of metagame considerations that went into those lists; and you have to think a little harder when evaluating them than just evaluating how you’d fancy your chances against them with your favorite 2k army, given full and free choice.

Hidden in the comment is the main problem with the Fascist state of YTTH: YTTH’s vision has no chance of becoming the vision of either GW or most players in the world. So no matter how much Stelek imagines GW is listening to him, he cannot grasp only 5% (being generous) of 40k players even know who he is and only half of those dance in Dionysian ecstasy at his every word. Regardless how many loving emails are sent his way (or self-generated), it doesn’t change that he and his Thought Police will never have the reach or change they so desperately crave.

Like the comment above says, there is no right way to play 40k. Until the lemmings figure that simple equation out, they can never grow beyond the stone throwing basements of vitriol and hyperbole they persist in. Case in point from the keyboard of Stelek himself is the reply to the comment quoted above.

Sorry, did I say I was planning on using 2000 point armies? Did I not clearly mention what works at this points level, knowing it was 1750?

Oh, you’re just being a dumbass trolling for attention, and you got it.

Well, let’s see:

1) Good for you.

2) Fuck you.

There, now I’ve trolled and I also feel much better.

Oh, and that nonsense about ‘good’ tournament players being ‘open’ to restrictions?

Well let’s see…

1) First, that’s bullshit. No, WE aren’t all open to comp systems dicking around with the game.

2) Fuck you. Again.

And I think I’ll be done listening to your whining ass.

Get personal much? This comes to another point about Stelek that involves two very important words he is quite familiar with…

Jealously and Attention

I get the Attention.

It is pretty lonely sitting around a house while the wife is off to work and you have nothing, but an Internet connection to warm your craven mind. So instead of doing something productive it is easier to rail against all those people who are “against you”. Be it BoLS or the IRS, Stelek’s addiction to attention comes as no surprise. I know (shocker) I love attention as well, I just happen to know the limits it provides.

On to the Jealously.

Jealously is a powerful force especially in the hands of someone with such low self-worth. There is no point to delve into why he is this way. The only point is why he chooses anger and abuse to express himself. My guess is jealousy. Every week you get a constant drum of why everyone else in the community is terrible while never daring to look introspectively at ones own faults and problems.

Frankly, I am over it. I got my jollies and now it is just sad. From the exaggerations to the excuses I am only left with pity. YTTH is all Stelek has. If that is what keeps him from breaking the law or hurting himself than we should be all grateful. Maybe someday he will realize that life is worth more than living through the games he rarely plays.

I also want to make one thing clear about ETC. ETC to me looks pretty stupid and add in a whiff of elitism and you have a recipe for something that shouldn’t have any place in the hobby. Don’t we get that enough in the real world?

So am I saying anything really new here?

Not really…

Just moving around the tables on the deck of the Lusitania hoping you will enjoy the floral arrangements.

Disclaimer: Blood of Kittens has always been douchey so please do not put Blood of Kittens on any pedestal. Blood of Kittens has and will always be some what petty so don’t expect any change in behavior.

in the very narrow sense of beating five opponents in a tournament that showcased maybe 40 players between two events in a state the size of Utah at a point level that is at absurd. So if you are winning under those like circustances than I guess Stelek can be your god.