Here is another in what I hope will be a continuing series of pimping work for others around the net. One of Blood of Kittens reads Dan Winters wants to make everyone aware of tournament being held in Spokane Washington here are the details…

I am not the TO but thought I would cross post this for anyone who
might be interested.

This is info as I know it (I am not the TO, just an interested

What: 40k and WHFB tournaments
Where: Spokane Washington on the Gonzaga Campus
When: Tournaments take place Saturday July 31st through August 1st.
Cost: $35 gets you full access to the con and any gaming, which
includes the tournament.
Sign-up: and then email the TO at with your name, registration #, army and
tournament of choice.
At Stake: Golden tickets for Vegas, trophies. Last year had raffled
door prizes (I cannot confirm that is the case this year.)
Slots available: I have heard but cannot confirm that there are 10
slots available for 40k (out of 40). WHFB I think has 12 of 20

Below is the 40k info that was posted on the]SpoCon
] by the TO. The WHFB info is also available there (note
that it is a 7th ed tournament since a month will not have passed
since 8th ed release).

Any questions should be fielded to him at the email above.

The following are the rules for the]SpoCon[/url] 3rd Annual Warhammer 40K

General rules
— Players must use their current Codex for army creation.
— One standard mission Force Organization is allowed per army
— Armies must be composed of no greater than 2000 points (1998 is
OK; 2002 is not)
— 5th Edition Warhammer 40K rules will be used.
— The following codexes are allowed:
5th Ed Blood Angels, Tyranids, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Space
4th Ed Chaos Daemons, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, Eldar,
Tau, Black Templars.
3rd Ed Witchhunters, Necrons, Daemonhunters, Dark Eldar.
— Imperial Armour rules are NOT allowed.
— Special Characters in current Codexes are allowed.
— Warhammer 40K FAQ–
— ALL rulings by the Tournament Organizer will be final.
— Each Round will last two and half hours.
— Tournament Organizer will call the Last Turn after two hours and
15 minutes. Do not start that turn unless both players will be able to
play their full turn.
— There will be three games on Saturday and one Sunday morning.
— The exact schedule will be available at SpoCon.

Overall Champion
— Player receiving the highest total points.
— Ties for this award will be broken by Sportsmanship Score, then
Gameplay, then Appearance Score.
— This player receives the Overall Champion Trophy and the
invitation to National Championships in Las Vegas.

Best Sportsmanship
— Player receiving the highest Sportsmanship Score.
— Ties for this award will be broken by Favorite Opponent votes,
then Gameplay Score, then total score.
— This player receives the Best Sportsmanship medal.

Best Appearance
— Player receiving the highest Appearance Score.
— Ties for this award will be broken by Favorite Army votes, then
re-judging with stricter criteria by Appearance judges.
— This player receives the Best Appearance medal.

Best General
— Player receiving the highest Gameplay score.
— Ties for this award will be broken by Sportsmanship Score, then
total score, then Favorite Opponent votes.
— This player receives the Best General medal.

— Player receiving the second highest total score.
— Ties for this award will be broken by Sportsmanship Score, then
Gameplay, then Appearance Score.
— This player receives the invitation to National Championships in
Las Vegas.

Second Runner-Up
— Player receiving the third highest total score.
— Ties for this award will be broken by Sportsmanship Score, then
Gameplay, then Appearance Score.
— This player may receive the invitation to National Championships
in Las Vegas, IF the two higher ranking players can NOT attend.

— The tournament will be scored out of 120 points as follows:
— Gameplay 60 points (50% of total)
— Sportsmanship 40 points 4 bonus ( approximately 33% of total)
— Appearance 20 points 3 bonus ( approximately18% of total)

Gameplay 60 points
— The tournament will consist of four games. Three scheduled on
Saturday July 31st and one on Sunday August 1st.
— Players can score a maximum of 15 points per game.
— First Round pairings will be determined randomly.
— Subsequent pairings will be determined Swiss Style (the person
with the most Gameplay points will be matched with the next closest
ranked that they have not yet played … proceeding down in the
— The Tournament Organizer will make every effort that players do
not play on the same table twice in this tournament.

Sportsmanship 40 points
— At the end of each Round, you will complete a Results Sheet and a
Sportsmanship Score for your opponent. A maximum of 10 points can be
earned in sportsmanship each game.
— At the end of the Tournament, each player will vote for their
Favorite Opponent. Each vote a player receives brings them an
additional point, which will be used to break ties.

Appearance 20 points
— Appearance will be judged by the Tournament Organizer and the
Appearance Judges between Rounds and at 8AM Saturday and Sunday
— Appearance will be judged using the checklist below.
— If any model in the army does NOT meet the minimum requirement of
three colors (and NO primer or metal/plastic showing) and basing, that
army’s Appearance Score will automatically drop to zero points and
that player is no longer eligible for the Overall Award, Appearance
Award, or the invitations to the National Tournament in Las Vegas.
— If you did not paint the army yourself, you must note this on your
Appearance Score sheet. You will receive a 5 point deduction on
Appearance scoring (not to be less than zero points) and NOT be
eligible for Best Appearance.
— Players will have the Appearance Score sheet to fill out that
explains the scoring system and gives each room to note extra
conversions, detail, and effort for their army.
— In case of a tie in Appearance Scoring, ties will be settled by
Favorite Army voting.

Appearance Scoring

— Painting, potential of 12 points
—-Unpainted (0 points). Models that do NOT meet the three color
minimum requirement. This applies if even one model does not meet the
—-Minimum (+6 points) painting, at least three colors on ALL
—-Details (+1 point) effort has been made to add details and paint
all parts of the models as appropriate throughout the army (banners,
unit markings, faces, eyes) and / or extra level of detail (battle
damage, weathering, etc).
—-Brush work (+2 points), depth and details are tabletop standard,
throughout the army. Work is neat and clean
—-Expert Brush work (+3 points), depth and details are HIGH
tabletop standard, throughout the army. Multiple layers of color or
blending is noticeable.

— Basing, potential of 2 points
—-No basing (0 points). This applies if even one model does not
meet the requirement.
—-Minimum (+1 point). Paint, flocking, and / or sand. Edges have
been painted. Clean and neat.
—-Extra Effort (+1point). Bits, rocks, layering, static grass,
resin bases, and / or conversion bases throughout the entire army.

— Conversions and modeling, potential of 5 points
—-Models built properly (+1 point). Mold lines and flash cleared.
All limbs and parts present.
—-Simple Conversions (+1point) Simple, easy bit swaps of some
—-Extensive Conversions (+1 point) Same as above but most of the
army has been converted in this manner. Can also include a handful of
models requiring basic sculpting but not found throughout the army.
—-Notable Conversions (+2 points) Models with extensive
scratch-building or sculpting present or the majority of the army has
sculpting or some scratch-built bits present.

— Display, potential of 2 point
—-No Display (0 points)
—-Display Board (+1 point)
—-Quality Display (+1 point) Appearance enhancing display, extra

— Judges’ Choice, potential of 3 points
—-Favorite of each Appearance Judge (+3 points)

Please note the following links for schedule information and lodging

Good Luck and Good Gaming!

This is a golden ticket event so it is well worth the effort for those in the WA area to make the trek and have a chance at going to Vegas!