Here at Blood of Kittens we strive to showcase topics and discussions that you don’t normally find on your typical 40k blog. That is why Blood of Kittens presents this new series that promotes the artists that often get over looked bringing the 40k universe to life. I can remember almost 20 years ago how cool the art was in the two Realm of Chaos books and how they shaped the way I looked at the 40k universe. Today a new group of artists both digital and analog still produce fantastic work. It is Blood of Kittens hope that you take a look, sit back, and enjoy the beauty and sheer epicness that is Warhammer 40k art. Remember to click for enlarged images.

Oh, Dave Gallagher the yeoman of GW art design. If one man was to have his hand in almost every Games Workshop project it would be Dave Gallagher. Gallagher’s style is not as distinct as others; his main job typically has been to bring bring the models we paint to life. Gallagher is best known for the codices covers he has done through out the years. His style matches whatever the direction GW is heading, maintaining a level of talent that is hard to miss. As style and techniques advance Gallagher adapts here is a sample timeline of what I mean…

One of the first visions of Tyranid warriors. This was a time when model design almost always mirrored art design. Gallagher focus was on bright colors and cartoon style that was lite on the gothic overtones.

Here is a picture of the Hive Tryant that was almost identical to the model metal model of the time.

Dave here is given a little more latitude with GW creations. While Dante does mirror the model the print has a little more character than previous works. Often this is the case with many sci-fi artists where the human form is easier to deal with than Aliens.

This is where you can really see Gallagher’s is allowed to expand. Clear motion and classic archetypes of GW art are represented. From the oversize to weapon to the distinct darker feel.

With this great Sisters piece you really can see Gallagher style come into his own. Full emotions and textures plus an action that draws you in. These are not stale poses, but more of story telling through art.

Once realize what this picture represents (creation of a Space Marine) you realize this works depth part medical procedure, part divine intervention this piece has all the hallmarks of what makes the 40k universe so compelling.

Good old Dark Eldar codex. To think this is almost the last full color picture of Dark Eldar in action. Gallagher blends the gritty with the playful. As GW directs their audience to be mature, but at the same time accessable.

Honing his talents Gallagher uses tricks from many other artists to create something all this own in the picture of this Inquisitor.

If Gallagher has a masterpiece it would this. This representation of Magnus Calgar almost makes you forget that he is an Ultramarine. The the use of blue and how it casts its own light into the room is spectacular, as well as the right use of red is pitch perfect.

As I said before it is hard to peg a particular Gallagher style just know he gets the job done.

The Face of Battle: The Colour Art of David Gallagher