You wouldn’t know but their was other events going on the last two weeks than Wargames Con. Here are are some quick results and links.

SpoCon was held in Spokane Washington they had 32 players and the results were

Overall Winner, Bob Kelley of Gamers Haven, Chaos Space Marines

Second Place, Jayson Besancon, Space Wolves
Runner Up, Gerald Sunada, Imperial Guard
Best Sportsmanship, Jared Maggard, Emerald Crusaders (Blood Angels)
Best Appearance, Joshua Dearth, Emerald Crusaders (Blood Angels)
Best General, Jayson Besancon, Space Wolves

Here is a rough breakdown of the codexes played (missing 5, I think these are SM of some flavor and maybe an IG or 2)

Blood Angels: 6
Tyranids: 4
Space Wolves: 3
Imperial Guard: 3
Space Marines: 3
Orks: 1
Chaos Space Marines: 1
Dark Angels: 1
Tau: 1 (ringer)
Necrons: 1

For more information visit this link

As for Astronomi-con results

Out of 30 4ok players here are the results.

Best Overall:Brock Jansen– Traitor Imperial Guard
Best Sportsman:Dave Graham– Witch Hunters
Best Army:Graeme Berrington– Witch Hunters
Best Appearance:Mario Rocha– Ultramarines
Best General:Mike Knudsen– Eldar
Best TerrainKevin Nelson Jungle River
Best Single Miniature:DaveĀ  Stanciu– Nurgle Blight Drone
Best Army List:Dave Violago Eldar

As for complete results here is a pdf…

Astronomi-Con Winnipeg

As well you can always visit for upcoming events.

If anyone has pictures or army lists for either event please comment or email!