This weekend we find TastyTaste heading up to the great northwest to play in the event known as  TSHFT

For all those who don’t know TSHFT is a 5 game 40k event played over two days in Seattle. TSHFT is run by a crazy man Zen that owns a shop/gaming club in town. TSHFT will be joining the Indy Circuit next year, so this is the last time before all the joy is sucked out  😉 . The last time I went it was a blast and I hope billions of people show up this time! So if you are in the area and are free this weekend please go out of your way and join us in pointing and laughing at Nathan Fluger!

TastyTaste will be covering the event from a 1st person perspective in his Master Chief scratch built Spartan armor. My goal is to face two-time best general Nathan Fluger and show him just how a true tactical genius operates! This will also be a road trip (12 hour drive) from California, so it is possible the car will break down as a sign that Seattle 40k players are just not ready to feel my wrath this time! So how will I be able to crush all my opponents under foot? Well for the next few days I will start by inflating my ego to epic proportions by talking about all the baby seals I have clubbed to get where I am today. Then I will talk about how lame everyone’s elses army lists are. Finally, I will play the most uncompetitive list in the history of uncompetitive lists. See the armies for yourself!

TSHFT Army 1

or I might take this one…

TSHFT Army 2

I know I know what you thinking, but Tasty where are the three Long Fang Missile Launcher units? Well reader I am sad to inform you, but the Chaos Space Marine Codex doesn’t have Long Fangs. This army will though be a Space Wolf Army that counts as a Chaos Space Marine army if that makes you feel better. As well I am sure the Emperor will not be pleased with my lack melta. Anyway, expect lots of photos of me in triumph over Nathan Fluger  as he cries on the floor in defeat as well any other 40k related debauchery I find!

So which list do you think I should take anyway?