It looks like quiet time for the Indy Circuit is done as we move closer to October events start to pick up. This weekend (err LAST WEEKEND) in Ontario, Canada for example is (WAS) the Warmasters Challenge’s singles and team 40k events going on. The team stuff is fluffy and fun as ever with mulligans, theme rules, and soft scores.

As for the singles event we get the rare, but always exciting sidebars. You select a core unit block of 1250, then create two 600 point “wings” which you can choose between before each game. The singles event is four games. There is no comp, but painting and sportsmanship are weighted in the final outcomes.

As for the missions they are nothing fancy using the basic missions, with bonus points for various objectives and Victory points thrown in to stop ties.

This is an INAT event as well.

For more information you can check out…

Here are the pdfs as well for the event.

WMC 40K Player’s Guide 2010 September 1 update

WMC 40K Beta Singles Scenarios 2010 version 2 beta

As for the winners of the event we have

Jordan Volpe’s Blood Angels with Best Overall


Rich V’s Orks with Best General

for all the detail results check this out…

Final Results

What is interesting is that you only get a Golden Ticket for a combined score from the Team Event and your Singles event. So the actual winners of tickets are

Rickey Johnson for playing Nids for Team and Guard for Singles


Andrew Tripple for playing Orks for Team and Orks for Singles

Very interesting way to determine the winner…

Oh, I would like to thank GW calender for making Blood of Kittens look like an idiot for not putting down the right date for this event.