Having finished his ridiculously involved ‘short’ first project for 6371, our hero (Brent – why did you have to ask?) is very, very tired.  But he hates missing deadlines!  The chickies might forget his name and he’d be forced to whore himself out on Dick Move once again.

That doesn’t sound right at all.  Change it or leave it?

Leave it; our hero (Brent – didn’t I just tell you that?) pulls from his deep pockets an unseen, never-before-revealed super-hidden post.  This, boys and girls, children and Unicorns of all ages, is the Bell of Lost Souls tryout post.

Did it impress Big Red?  Did Brent become a regular writer on Bell of Lost Souls, arguably the most influential hobby site on Ye Ol’ Blogosphere?  I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

(That doesn’t exactly work, does it?)

The Bell of Lost Souls Tryouts

Hello boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages!  Let’s get right after it and ask… why exactly does Big Red hate me?

“But Brent,” I hear you ask, “besides being devilishly handsome you’re also incredibly charismatic!  How could anyone hate you?”

That’s a good question.  If I had to hazard a guess, I’d have to say it has to do with the following picture:

Yup.  I had the bad taste to spend half a day lovingly fashioning a Big Red Deathguard Voodoo Doll.  See the holes?  That’s because I actually took pins and needles to it, I’m ashamed to say.  What’s there to say?  Love can hurt and nobody likes to be ignored.  After the twentieth time or so a long, rambling email was returned-to-sender, I raced to my gameroom, threw the back of my hand against my brow, and swooned all uncontrolled on to a conveniently placed armchair.

Okay, while such behavior may vaguely resemble stalking – another subject I know a lot about – I’ll have you know it’s nothing of the sort.  At this point, someone whose intentions were less than pure would have manufactured a chance meeting hoping to engineer another chance.

I wouldn’t do a thing like that!  Such behavior is simply gauche.

That said, I did happen to run into Larry at WarGames Con.  I was as surprised as he, I assure you!

Thinking quickly, I sprinted to the bar and ordered two beers…

Sorry, I’ve paused at my keyboard for a moment to daydream about Shiner Bock.  How great do I think it is?  I choose restaurants based on the beer they have on tap.  Beer singular: there’s only one real choice in Texas.

The serious look on my face stems from the serious restraint I showed in not drinking both beers on the spot.  Seriously.  The picture hanging from my neck is my Avatar, so I don’t forget the important things after I drink too much Shiner.  Still, neither beer made it to Larry, so I was 0 for 2.  Or 0 for 20, depending on how you count.

I chatted briefly with TastyTaste…

…and so on and so forth!  I’m having fun, but since I know and you know this little test-post will never see the main page of Bell of Lost Souls, I think it’s time to end it here.  I’ve been called up to write Daemons, so write Daemons I will!  Thoughts?  Feelings?  Kisses?

End Bell of Lost Souls Tryouts: Fingers Crossed!

So that was it, my very first post for Bell of Lost Souls.  The astute reader will notice my greeting hasn’t really changed, though my parting words have.  Nowadays it’s ‘Comments?  Thoughts?  Hugs and Gropings?’ Fun stuff, fun stuff.

I was right, of course, in that it never saw the light of day on the real page… had it done so, I’m sure my many detractors (Hi Warboss Stalin!) would have even more reason to resent me for!  Yes, it’s largely a waste of time, but it’s a fun little waste of time.

Isn’t that the best we can ask for sometimes?