We are closing in on the stretch run for Indy GT Circuit and Blood of Kittens has seen many things when it comes to the tournaments that are being played across North America. One thing is clear though and that is no matter the good intentions  of many Tournament Organizers, just don’t understand that players expect a certain level of competence.

It is tough to call out people who put many hours into an event in the hopes everyone has fun. Still hiding behind martyrdom and guilt trips does not protect you from performing some basic duties. Tired arguments of “walking in my shoes” does not cut it.  From the biggest to the smallest events we should expect a certain level of competence and organization.

Players should demand some minimal standards. Basic rights are designed to protect the players as well as the organizer. By having standards across the board you can avoid many conflicts. This example list is just a start not an end.

The following list is completely from my personal perspective on the standards all events should have.. Feel free to critique and add to this list as you see fit. The purpose is to get the conversation started about what we should expect from all our 40k events.

Players Bill of Rights

The Tournament Organizer will know the rules of the game he is running as well as play it regularly.

Too many times an events are run by a store owner or group of gamers that have not played the latest edition of Warhammer 40k enough to adjudicate any rules disputes that come up. Players are faced with totally wrong interpretations of rules based on previous editions when the TO was playing regularly.

The Tournament Organizer will treat their event as a means to play games not a business.

TOs at the very least should make sure an event does not look like some money grab. If your intention is to make money on an event at least make your participants feel like they are getting money’s worth for their investment.

The Tournament Organizer will walk around tables viewing games and watching for bad behavior.

How many times have you seen a TO just sit at his table sitting behind a laptop? TOs should walk the floor and engage players. This not only takes the pulse of your event it is a fast way for head off any disputes that may crop up.

The Tournament Organizer will make simple and easy to understand missions that use all the combinations represented in the basic book.

5th edition is built on three basic mission types in order to get non skewed result as well provide an opportunity for all army types to succeed use a good balance of the basic mission types with only making minor changes.

The Tournament Organizer will not play in his own tournament and or claim and prizes or trophies.

The fact that still goes on is appalling. The TOs should only play as a last resort as a ringer.

The Tournament Organizer will not use a composition as a method of scoring.

Millions of articles in itself, but suffice to say in 5th edition there is always a counter to everything. No one unit or combo is broken. Allow the skill of players dictate who wins not your own personal bias to units or armies.

The Tournament Organizer will require the three paint minimum.

Having minimal painting not only is part of the hobby it also prevents unpainted models from exploiting opponents. Properly painted models that can be distinctly determined from each other creates a fair environment where all players know what is what.

The Tournament Organizer will not change the rules of the game.

No amateur game design. Your system will never be as good as a team of objective designers. Changing the rules has unintended  and on foreseen consequences. Rules changes also can give an unfair advantage or cause more confusing that need when figuring out what rule is what.

The Tournament Organizer will not make a complicated scoring system as it often leads to mistakes and over analysis.

Keep your scoring system simple by using complex formats and added different scoring units only creates more problems than helps to determining a true winner.

The Tournament Organizer will allow for enough time to finish games as well as let players finish off their turns.

All players play at different speeds do not penalized players for taking a few extra moments to decide on moves. This though does go both ways make sure players don’t start turns they cannot finish. As well don’t use “dice down rules” this sort of rule only encourages stalling.

I know there is more, but this is start. What have been some of your worst and best tournament experiences?