Well the first full year is over for the GW sponsored Independent GT Circuit. Here is a pdf of the Golden Ticket getters.

Indy-GT-Results 2010-2011

As well a break down by army.

  1. Imperial Guard 15
  2. Space Marines 14
  3. Chaos Space Marines 10
  4. Space Wolves 9
  5. Orks 9
  6. Eldar 7
  7. Blood Angels 2
  8. Dark Eldar 2
  9. Tyranids 2
  10. Daemons 2
  11. Tau 1
  12. Grey Knights 0
  13. Witch Hunters 0
  14. Necrons 0
  15. Black Templars 0
  16. Dark Angels 0

Interesting things of note:

The only Blood Angels player to win events (Jawaballs) won each event using both the old codex and the new one. Jawaballs, Ben Mohile, and Al Edel are the only players to win two events. Imperial Guard had the most wins with 15. Surprising was Orks tied with Space Wolves and Chaos Space Marines were ahead of both. All 3rd edition books with the exception of Dark Eldar won no events. The new codices of the year Blood Angels and Tyranids issued only four (new DE won no events) golden tickets.

We have about 13 events left before the Vegas Finals. If TOs have done their paper work people should be getting their tickets by the end of January.

If you want go back and read some of the past coverage all you have to do it follow this link…


Look for more coverage all year of the GT circuit right here on Blood of Kittens. Oh, and have a great New Year!