Just a quick heads up for everyone about the latest on GK rumors. Here are some quick clarifications and words of wisdom when you see the latest batch of leaks that will be coming from various other sites.

Expect more specific leaks coming out soon from various forums. Just keep in mind that these leaks seem to be from older playtest of the codex so expect changes to the final print, but nothing too major.

The playtesting phase is done for the GKs

As BoLS and Blood of Kittens reported before about the MC GK  has taken the slot away from what was originally given to Penitent Engines. The MC will be an Elite slot that is already becoming quite crowded with units. GK will be the Special Characters codex look for over 10 new special characters to play with at least 1/4 being inquisitorial in nature.

Assume any special powers (not USRs) are psychic powers instead. As an example, if you have Land Raider and it is immune to something it will be a psychic power (not wargear) same goes for Special Character powers. The ability to raise AV is almost certainly out of the codex or at the very least regulated to transports only. The Stormraven is currently still the only Fast Attack unit in the codex. The ability for GKs to teleport once per game is for basic GKs only not for terminators. Don’t believe any stats for the incinerator it is the one major piece of wargear that is still being debated. The special character that makes terminators cheaper can only make one squad cheaper think Tau honor guard.

If you been following the rumor train you will notice corroborationsand confirmations with the original rumors posted here before anyone else. To catch up on all the pervious rumors about Grey Knights just follow this link…


as well BoLS latest rumors are pretty spot and keeping with what was reported here first.


As always just reference Blood of Kittens if you copy and paste this to any other site.