Just like the greatest Autobot said to the most cunning Decepticon– one shall stand and one shall fall. A titanic battle is brewing between two of the greatest champions of the 40k blogosphere. The fate of our small corner of the Internet could hang in the balance.

So it is in the year of our lord 2011 on Jan 20th 75 years to the day Edward VIII became King of England shall now forever be known as the day the Lord of Grots (Nathan Fluger from Blood of Kittens) will battle (over Vassal) against the Prince of Pink (Kirby legally changed as of 2007 from 3++).

On one side the honor of all Ork players, on the other the entire Internet competitive player population will be on the line! The stakes could not be higher. Blood of Kittens only recently discovered this impeding Armageddon so the details are vague at best. What is still unknown is the army lists each shall deploy against one another. Rumors of 30 Swooping Hawks and mounds of tunneling Ripper Swarms abound! Or will it be a Ork all comers list versus some MSU monsterpiece? This only the combatants to tell. Don’t worry Blood of Kittens will have full information and results as they become available. To add even more drama to this event, Blood of Kittens will be giving out a prize to one lucky random member of the Blood of Kittens Network.

(Just realized I made this more complicated than it had to be sorry about that)

All you have to do is be logged into the network when you vote for who ever you think will win. For all those not registered with the Network you can still participate by using the poll you just won’t have a chance to win the prize.

When the battle is over one person will be picked at random from the winning side and be awarded a $25 GW gift card courtesy of Blood of Kittens.

Just a reminder this Vassal game is just for fun Nathan and Kirby do have a great platonic online relationship. This is mostly a way to keep Fluger alive longer on the Warhammer feeding tube that he has had to use for last few months.

The poll and voting ends midnight Thursday Jan 20th!