As we read over the latest GW financial statements from these last few weeks, it is clear GW needs find the a way of turning their frowns upside down. The quick and cheap way was by FAQ. We saw GW move swiftly attempting to bring old players back and give some armies love that might not see another codex till 6th edition.

Another way to get back into our miniature loving pockets is by righting wrongs of past missed opportunities. GW has for the most part lately done a good job of releasing the right models with the launch of every new codex. Still, there are has been some glaring omissions happening overtime.  GW still can make everything right, so we all can throw our bad conversions into oncoming traffic or bury our Russian mafia blood resin for good.

This is also in honor of the pending release of the Stormraven– which will sell like hotcakes no matter how lame we think it looks. Here is Blood of Kittens picks for GW make it plastic now!

Number 5: Plaguebearers

Why GW Why?! You had a chance! Wouldn’t it have been better to drop the comical Horrors and instead give us some Guillermo del Toro-ish models that makes papa Nurgle proud? It was true, metal Horrors were like gluing and pinning the worst Infinity model, but one second of market research would have shown that most Fantasy and 40k armies used Plaguebearers as the bedrock for there lists. Besides who doesn’t want to use the grossest librarians in the Warhammer universe.

Number 4: Hydra

Good job GW you released the Manticore, but then you thought everyone was begging to play the 40k equivalent of Major T. J. “King” Kong riding a rocket into town. Well GW you were wrong and what is worse you probably lost money for it. Instead of spending money on simply converting the existing Forgeworld kit for the Hydra you decided to invest in the Deathstrike missile– a new plastic cast you had to design from scratch. Today players continue either hand money to Forgeworld just for the privilege or are stuck with bit bashing Aegis Lines.

Number 3: Mycetic Spores

This could have been a case of GW not looking at similar sales figures (Drop Pods) to tell them that just maybe they could have had a hit on their hands, but instead they threw RND away on the phallus obsession known as the Pyrovore– just so it could make the top five worst unit in the game list. What makes its worse is we have had to live through some of the worse conversions (Pokémon Balls anyone) known to man when it comes to these things. The Mycetic Spore is one of the few units that makes other units more playable and creates more list opportunities and for GW not release it with launch was just loopy.

Number 2: Tervigon

Same codex same stupid mistake. This time we at least have good conversions because GW gave us some direction. Here is a question for GW: don’t you think it would be a good idea when making a new unit that is both a HQ and Troop choice you might want to release a plastic kit for it right away? Also the freaken thing poops out even more models! It basically poops out money (Gaunt kits), think for every Tervigon kit GW sold how many additional Gaunt boxes would that have been?

Number 1: Thunderwolf Cavalry

If ever there was ever a Picard palm on face moment not making a Thunder Cav plastic kit would be it. No matter how you feel about Space Marines riding wolves you have to give GW some balls for not releasing a proper kit for these guys. Granted, rumor has it that they were the last edition to the codex giving sculptures only Canis to work from. Don’t put it past GW to think everyone is Dave Taylor and had $500 bucks to drop on Canis models. Instead, they are forced to chase Russian ghosts all over Ebay in a feeble attempt to stop people selling “wolf without rider” resin models. Sure GW could make the case that they sold kits by thousands of anything a Space Marine could sit on, but it would have been easy cash money bang-bang if they came riding right out of the gate.

Honorable Mentions: Fiends of Slannesh and Medusa,

This doesn’t go into all the models they didn’t release with the Dark Eldar, but you have to forgive them a little since the army been 10 years in the making. If GW could make even half this list happen ASAP then many gamers will gladly pay the price for more variety and fun these models would bring.