Come April TastyTaste will be making the journey to Adepticon to cover the event and play (I know amazing) in the Team Tournament. Me and my local friends Josh, Zach, and Greg have put together a team based around a very specific theme. This theme is not based on some obscure story in some poorly written fiction. Neither will it be some convoluted excuse to fit four identical Imperial Guard or Space Wolves armies together. Instead our theme is based around one simple premise: to table or tie our opponent. Hence our name…

Tie or Table.

This is not just an ego driven pursuit. We all felt that having no scoring units was the right handicap so the other teams would have a chance at defeating us.

Since our lists must have troops we selected codecies that have non-scoring ones. We found that Space Wolves, Daemons, Orks, and Blood Angels have just the right ingredients to produce this brew of pure silliness. For my part I am bringing Orks and here are the pictures to prove it.

So what will my 1000 point list have? Here is the quick run down…

  • 1 Big Mek
  • 1 Nob Squad in a Battlewagon
  • 1 Deff Dred
  • 6 Killer Kans

Understand also that Adepticon has some pretty fancy force org rules for the Team Tourney.

The main goal of our little band of merry men is to spoil some of the more douchey teams from winning (fun is the essence of the Team Tourney). In addition, we have some hurdles with the Team Tourney format. For some reason Adepticon really wants people to play armies that “naturally” would fight together. This injection of “realism” is kinda vomit inducing. So for folks that “stretch” the histrionics of the 40k universe like our team we are kinda punished. Really! How are we suppose to make a story sound plausible for Orks, Daemons, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves to drum around the Kwanzaa Kinara anyway? Since there is very little chance of coming up with some hackney fluff story to tie our armies together better go another route– a route that (I think) makes sick sense.

So the plan is to include Internet Memes into our theme.

Don’t know what an Internet Memes is? Well basically it is a little piece of cultural data that society and sub-cultures use to describe pretty much anything over the Internet. Simple Internet memes are found in forums and comments everywhere: words like Death Star, Bubble Wrap, MSU, and fluffy are good examples. Still don’t get it Wikipedia to the rescue!

Still not understanding? This will help…

How do you incorporate the concept of Internet Memes into a Team Tournament?

Luck would have it that a portion of the points you can score in the Team Tourney come from having a display board. Since our team has no fluff and our concept is pretty above-board– using Internet Memes seems like a perfect fit.

This is where the Blood of Kittens reader comes in…

Send in a piece of art or a picture of whatever you want as long as the Internet Meme can be seen clearly. As many pieces as possible will be used to help create the display board. The meme submission must 40k related and original. The word itself does not have to be original just the photo or art that goes around it. The team will decide who the winner is– which will be revealed over Adepticon weekend as the center piece of the display board. The winner must be a register member of Blood of Kittens. Anyone can participate just register by the cut off date around March 15th and have a chance to win $50 bucks worth of 40k. Even if your piece doesn’t win more likely than not it will be used to fill the rest of our display board.

Whatever you do just try to be creative!

Here is a simple example…

So let’s make an art project together!

Instead of running away from it in the Team Tournament I intend to embrace it! As I saw last time (see again this year) even with Adepticon’s intention of making the Team Tournament a friendly casual event there are those that just want to beat face and try to come up with the most broken combos possible. So to those folks here is my big middle finger.

Send all submissions to