Now is a good time to look back and see how Blood of Kittens did with our Grey Knight rumors. Most of these rumors you heard here first (before the playtest pdf). The bold text illustrates accuracy of our rumors

Here is the first patch of rumors released the first week for December 2010.

GK codex WILL NOT have inducted units. Allies are effectively gone! 100% correct

If it has boobies it will not be in the GK codex if has man parts it will be in this dex. That means Penitent Engines, Argo flagellants, Priests are in. This was a case of poor word usage as people took things too literally, I should have said that you wouldn’t find any Adepta Sororitas units. Instead this lead to unnecessary speculation and gender questions.

GK and GKT have plastic kits and will be troop choices. 100% correct

Release Date is March-May window. 100% correct

The Stormraven is in (duh) and along with Penitent Engines are currently the only two Fast Attacks slots in the dex. 50% correct, but at least I retract PE being in later

Look for HQs changing the FoC around 100% correct

GW will not take away your toys meaning if you bought 50 Imperial Storm Troopers they will have  a place in the GK codex. 75% correct, this is one of those things where GW combined Warriors with Stormtroopers so correct in one sense, but not accurate.

Assassins are in as an Elite slot and any type of GK army can take them. 100% correct

GKs are Space Marines they do not have Fearless or Stubborn they have Combat Tactics and They Shall Know No Fear 100% correct

GKs only vehicles options are Land Raiders, Razorbacks, Rhinos, Chimera and Stormraven. All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned. Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport. 100% correct

GKs do not get Bikes, Jump Packs, or Chaplains 66.666% correct, didn’t know that the personal teleporter gave GKs jump packs

All GKs are psyker and their powers act very much in the same way as Psyker Battle Squad. 100% correct, but once again should of used better wording.

GKs will not have access to most Vanilla Marine Gear especially Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons (No Melta Spamming) 100% correct,  if you only consider GKs units, if you include vehicles and inquisitor stuff then this isn’t the case.

Brother-Captain Stern has Eternal Warrior and his attacks can remove models from play. 100% correct

The Grand Master gives out special abilities to GK units (Not USRs) We are talking weapon upgrades and minor wargear bonuses. 100% correct, specifics though would have made this more worthwhile.

All GKs cause Deep Striking units to mishap if placed within 6 inches of any Grey Knight unit. 50% correct, not all GKs get this power.

All GKs Nemesis Force Weapons are Force Weapons and no longer Str 6. 100% correct

Unlike the Archon’s court from the Dark Eldar Codex Henchman + Witchhunter rejects are Elite slots. These Squads can be mixed and have many options. For instance the Warrior can get Storm Shields and power weapon. Henchman act more like Beast Master Squads than the Archon’s Court. 100% correct, not the best examples to illustrate just how they work.

Henchman include everything Daemonhosts, Death-Cult Assassins, Argo flagellants, Priests, Stormtroopers, Warriors 90% correct, Stormtroopers don’t get their own slot, but you can make them out of warriors.

Holocaust is now 12 inch range large blast 100% correct

Mystic is now only a teleport homer 100% correct

All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned (Sacred Hull). Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport. All GK vehicles are psykers with LD 10 100% correct, but made a clarification later.

Blessed is now a vehicle psychic power that picks one facing and raises the AV by 2 to a max of 14 0% correct, my bad.

GKs have access to GK Command Squads giving them access to Apothecaries (FNP) 50% correct, exaggerated on just who got Apothecaries.

Vindicare has unlimited ammo for all special shots. 100% correct

GKs have access to many weapon upgrades. 100% correct, but vague.

GKs can pay for + str or rending for their storm bolters 0% correct, at least Blood of Kittens was not the only one confused on this.

Grand Masters give D3 special powers to Grey Knight units. Things like Digital Weapons, Master Crafted weapons, Wolf Standard, but with GK names. 10% correct D3 stuff,  just not what was listed here.

Psycannon is Str 7 rending ap 4 either can fire 2 shots moving or 4 shots standing still. 100% correct, one of my favorites because it got repeated everywhere by folks thinking they had it first.

Incenerator Str 5 ap 4 rending 66.6% correct no rending, but I throw up my hands later warning people not to believe anything about the stats on this thing.

Callidus Assassin = Long Fangs and Lootas no more. Works like Lictors/Marbo drops a str 4 ap 2 large blast when enters play and can still use the Neural Shredder which is now Str 8 ap 2. 100% correct

The other Assassin are just updated versions of their old selves with the Culexus especially devastating to Psykers. 100% correct, but vague and kinda duh.

Their are three special character Inquisitors one of which will make Henchman Troop choices. 100% correct

One GKs Special character will make Purgation Squads Troops (yes you heard that right) you can spam psycannons all you want. 25% correct only reason I say 25% and not 0% is because I had no idea Purgation and Purifiers were separate units at the time.

One GK Special Character can take cheap termies talking Chaos Space Marine Terminator Cheap. 50% correct, end up not being cheaper, but just different.

Grey Knights are around Plague Marine Cost 100% correct, glad I used the word “around”

GKT are normal vanilla marine termy cost. 100% correct

Nemesis Force Weapons can be upgrade as well increased initiative is one option. 100% correct

Grey Knights do get a MC a cross between a Talos and Karamazov Elite choice. The plastic kit is done on this one so expect it with GK launch. 100% correct

Dreadnoughts are Heavy Support. 100% correct

GKT can mix and match Nemesis Force Weapons and TH/SS and get psy weapons as well. 66.6% correct wrong about the TH/SS

Any GK unit can once per game gate of infinity with no deviation in the movement face and can shoot, but not assault. This could still be changed to become the new Grey Knight Teleport Attack and moved to Fast Attack slot. 50% correct ends up being only a few units can do it.

Grey Knights will be see the return of the 2 wound terminator. These new elite terminators will have 2 wounds and FNP and access to all the upgrades and options of all GKT in the codex. To make things more interesting one special character can make these terminators troop choices. What remains to be seen is if they will get Eternal Warrior… 100% correct

The Grey Knights are getting a new unit or they are getting an upgrade that causes an automatic hit to any enemy model in base-to-base with them. This hit wounds on a 4+ regardless of enemies toughness with normal saves allowed and occurs before ALL attacks (think old mandiblasters), but still adds to combat resolution at the end of combat. 100% correct

Here is Blood of Kittens’s pre-response to the what ended up being the leaked playtest codex.

Expect more specific leaks coming out soon from various forums. Just keep in mind that these leaks seem to be from older playtest of the codex so expect changes to the final print, but nothing too major. 100% correct

The playtesting phase is done for the GKs 100% correct, but no outside confirmation

As BoLS and Blood of Kittens reported before about the MC GK  has taken the slot away from what was originally given to Penitent Engines. The MC will be an Elite slot that is already becoming quite crowded with units. GK will be the Special Characters codex look for over 10 new special characters to play with at least 1/4 being inquisitorial in nature. 66.6% correct Dread Knight ends up in Heavy support.

Assume any special powers (not USRs) are psychic powers instead. As an example, if you have Land Raider and it is immune to something it will be a psychic power (not wargear) same goes for Special Character powers. The ability to raise AV is almost certainly out of the codex or at the very least regulated to transports only. The Stormraven is currently still the only Fast Attack unit in the codex. The ability for GKs to teleport once per game is for basic GKs only not for terminators. Don’t believe any stats for the incinerator it is the one major piece of wargear that is still being debated. The special character that makes terminators cheaper can only make one squad cheaper think Tau honor guard. 100% correct clarifying older rumors.

Then here is what I had to say about people thinking they found the holy grail in the leaked pdf.

Nemesis Ward Staff can be only bought for one Grey Knight per squad. So that means only one will be able to take one of those mean wounds. 100% correct you don’t know how happy being right on this made me feel.

Unlike reported before by me and others GKT do not get Storms Shields (with very few exceptions). That means you are stuck with sucky +5 invul saves on termies. What you do get instead is all nemesis force weapons grant a +1 to all invul saves in assault. That means +4 saves in close combat. 100% correct and fixed an old rumor

A full man unit of Paladins average around 600-800 for 10 of them. So don’t expect to spam many of them. 100% correct

Add to that the Paladin Captain that makes them troops is the most expensive model in the codex over the cost of a Land Raider. 100% correct

Sadly the Dread Knight MC thingy cannot be put in a Stormraven. 100% correct

The worst change that I hinted at back when I first reported the rumors last year. The whole Teleporting Grey Knight once per game thing is for the Grey Knight squads in the Fast Attack slot. That means those guys and the Stormraven are your only FA choices in the entire codex. Normal GKs will not be able to teleport in the game. 100% correct and another told you so.

So as you can see Blood of Kittens rumors did pretty darn well. I think its a good habit for rumormongers to keep the public updated as we get closer to release of codices– I know a  few rumormongers don’t even mention when they are wrong.

As for moving forward I just want to say I do take rumors seriously and for everyone that whines about how cryptic or vague some of these rumors are, understand that someone somewhere is putting their job in danger giving us these little previews. No matter which rumormonger it is we are from sources that want to remain secret, so don’t cry because you didn’t get all the answers you wanted or the entire codex fed to you on a platter. Also people who post rumors put forums and sites at risk, even though GW is oblivious to most Internet traffic they do have a real legal team that (especially when narked on) will monitor sites and forums. As was the case with the leaked playtest pdf went down Warseer had to shut down their GK rumor thread and rumor has it cost GW employee his job.

What this all means is I have no sympathy for people who complain about how rumors are released and delivered to the Internet community, if you don’t like it just look away.

Now that was me being nice, now here is me bitchy.

Some folks can SUCK IT.

Let me repeat that again SUCK IT!

So you don’t like Blood of Kittens building up the “hype” of a rumor you can suck it.

It is really is not about me wanting attention or ad-revenue (notice no ads) it about reaching the most people at one time. You know like how TV works? Unlike your crappy forum where you never know if anything is new and you go back and check everyday hoping something pops up (makes you wonder who is really out for ad-revenue and attention). By registering with Blood of Kittens I can send an email blast to people (who are interested) when rumors happen and they can do what they want with that information.

I am not going to lie and say that I am not trying to build something here at Blood of Kittens. Sure I want people reading Blood of Kittens, what is the point of having a blog if not to have you read it? Don’t approve of how I try to get readers then move along or just continue doing what you been doing– reading and then going to your favorite place and talking shit.

Finally here is a few special suck it shout outs.

Heresy Online: I really do enjoy your comments and sometimes emails about just how “WRONG” Blood of Kittens is when it comes to rumors your constant childish behavior here (and on BoLS) shows just how amazing your community building skills really are.

PDFs Rightous Avengers: Next time please don’t assume that you have the real Mormon Golden Plates: you’re not Joseph Smith and you cannot hypnotize me. If I post a contradiction to something (when it comes to rumors) its not because I am on some spiritual journey to feed my ego I just want to set the record straight. Granted if I am wrong please hit me over the head with frying pan, but at least wait till the codex is out before thinking I am crazy.

Ok putting old TastyTaste back in the box– on to brighter and better things. This Sunday March 20th Blood of Kittens will be coming down (for unknown length of time) for some backend fixes and changes. When it returns on Monday you will see some major changes that I hope will be the last we have to do for sometime.