There has been all this hub-bub about Squats next in line for things returning to a codex near you. I guess it really isn’t unexpected people would  go ape shit over the possibility. One positive about this new-found interest in the Roloff family of the Gothic Future–  is everyone is going back and trying remember a time when Squats actually had rules. The sad truth was GW looked at the numbers and thought no one wouldn’t care if they just disappeared and for the most part they were correct.

Anyway, this lead me to BoLS and between laughing at some of the comments about the latest Squat rumor:  I found something spectacularly cool. Now I know what you are thinking, “Did he just say BoLS comments section and cool in the same sentence?” Hear me out on this one…really.

In one of the comments was a link to what is best described as a monumental feat of ethnographic research into the history of our favor short fellows. I mean this is some sort of Herodotus type shit.

Someone in the ether of the Internet took upon himself the job of Squat chronicler. You can find all this and more on the Hungry Ghosts Chaos Squats of Khorne. Yeah, for those too young there was (without dumb hats) Chaos Squats.

So how many blog posts would say it would take to chronicle the history of the Squats? I am thinking like one post with a couple thousand words is enough to hit the high points, right? How much could there possibly be about Squats?

Boy was I wrong!

So if you want to relive or just learn about this our forgotten 40k past take a look at the


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

oh, oh, he is not done we are now moving on to appendices!


This does not even go into the chronicle of Squats in Epic. Anyway it is one amazing piece of fan love to preserver a part of 40k history that I am sure GW would rather everyone forget.