A few weekends ago another GT was held in the lovely Garden State. This was a fairly large event that showcased both Fantasy and 40k. The 40k side had 48 players with 70% of your score dependent on Battle Points, the other 30% was split between Sports and Paint.

Dakkadakka has a great album showing all painted armies and boy some are really out of hand.

Here is a link…

The Colonial GT Army Pics

As for the winning lists: Best Overall had a 5-0 Space Marine Khan list winning the whole. Here is a PDF

Dameon Green Colonial GT Best Overall

Hate the Dreds, but love everything else about this list. Thunderfire and Storms freaken sweet!

As for 2nd place it looks something like this…

CCS in chimera
CCS in chimera
vets in chimera
psyker battle squad in chimera
vets in vendetta
vets in vendetta
vets in vendetta
hydra flak

Shocking! I know!

Demeon has a blog and some quick batraps for anyone that wants to check them out.


As for drama the event wasn’t without some with Jawaballs leading the charge against paint judge transgressions!  If you are into that sort of thing check out…


As for other coverage the total results are here on the Colonial GT website


If that was not enough you can also check out some Youtube coverage here…



Either way it looks like it was a well run event (besides the subjective painting scores) with some fantastic looking armies and it was good to see Vanilla Space Marines pulling one out!