Forums, blogs, Coolminiornot have great resources for some of the best looking minis you can find.

Then there is Games Workshop site which does have great models and paint jobs, the only problem is you have to navigate perhaps the most cumbersome business website ever! One of the GW’s website worst travesties it having to look up Golden Demon winners. Sure you can probably find it with a little clicking around, but what if you to want see more…

Maybe say the winners from France, but you don’t know French? That is when it can become a little trickery.

Well guess what, you don’t have to fumble around GW many websites because there is actually a website that is dedicated to all Golden Demon winners that is easy navigate! It is called Demon Winner

It can be easily found and while the website might not look that spiffy it gets the job done. You can look around by year and country and the site is kept up to date.  Here is the link and please take a look around!

Golden Demon Winners Website

Just remember this is only a French website and not French Canadian which would have been far worse!