The great Astronomi-Con Canadians have gotten off to another great start with their fun and hobby centric Tournament Events. If you want to know more about these great events head on over to the Astronomi-Con Website for more details. If you don’t already know they allow you make up vehicles rules just to give you an idea on the crazy. There first event for year was held in Winnipeg with Chaos just going nuts and winning most of the awards. Here is a break down.

Best Overall – Dave Stanciu – Chaos Space Marines
Best Sportsman – J.P. Perrault – Chaos Space Marines
Best Army – Brock Jansen – Chaos Daemons
Best Appearance – Mario Rocha – Space Marines
Best General – Chris Dart – Orks
Best Terrain – Kevin Nelson – Battle At The Farm
Best Single Miniature – Fabio Fiorentino – Chaos Space Marines
Best Army List – Nick Itsou – Space Marines

Best overall was a Death Guard list and best general was Ork mix. I have also been told that they had all Paladin army with 16 dudes go 4-1 only to be beaten by Orks (Best General) when he was outnumbered 10-1

The event though was not with a minor snafu which was handled with great care when it was discovered. Here is what the event orginizors discovered too late!

We regret to announce that there was an error in one of the game results, which led to us announcing that David Violago had won Best Overall.

After the event, some concerns about the scores were raised, and upon investigation we found that a scoring sheet had been filled out incorectly by one of the players, and that mistake was not caught by the judges.  The scoring error was then entered into the spreadsheet and impacted the final results.  Once this error had been corrected, and the final results recalcuated, Dave Stanciu was rightly awarded the Best Overall trophy.  Note that no other award results were affected by this correction.

Certainly, these types of errors are ones we do our best to catch and fix as we are entering scores, but sadly, occasionally we too make mistakes.  I would like to recognize and thank Dave Violago for his understanding in all of this.

More detailed results will be coming, but for the meantime take a look at this photo album of the armies from the event.

Astronomi-con Winnipeg Pics

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