While most of the 40k world has been distracted by the flurry of Necron rumors hitting the Interwebs, I have noticed another rumor consensus of late developing: reports that the Sisters of Battle will be coming out sometime 2012. So I just want to take a second to give you the definitive answer on that rumor and more…

I want to confirm for everyone that the Sisters new “book” will be coming out sometime this year (most likely before the Necron release). There is more– SoB will be White Dwarf only release stretched over two issues, with a online PDF by the end of the year. I had reported this possibility (in a cryptic matter before) on BoLS, so this is a confirmation of said rumor. Cruddace will be the author for PDF as well. No word on new sculpts, but my bet is on only resin recast of existing models. As for the rules I have nothing to report as of yet, but look for at least two ecclesiastical characters from the fluff/past to appear in the new dex.

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