Here is another in the continuing series of pimping work for others around the net. One of Blood of Kittens readers Richard has a fun cause he is trying to push. So please help a brother out with a game that is long over due for some love…ANY love.

Warhammer Quest Needs You!

For those of you unfamiliar with the terms Warhammer + Quest let me fill you in…

Warhammer Quest was released by Games Workshop nearly 16 years ago and remains one of their best boxed game releases. The game was a Role Playing Board Game set within the many dungeons and lairs beneath the Warhammer World and was the successor to both Heroquest & Advance Heroquest before it. To this day it remains one of the best examples of its kind, using an innovative card system for determining the dungeon and events, as well as treasure. As a player you could be a Norse Barbarian, Dwarf, Trollslayer, Wizard, Pit Fighter, Chaos Warrior, Witch Hunter, Bretonnian Knight – even a Wood Elf Wardancer, amongst others.

The game was simple to play, yet adaptable enough to become as detailed as any genuine RPG. It could be played with or without a Dungeon Master and was primarily designed for 4 players (although could be easily expanded to accommodate more) as well as being intuitive enough for players to create their own rules, such as those for their own Adventures, Monsters and Events.

Games Workshop released many expansions for the game including Warriors & Adventure packs as well as publishing many articles in White Dwarf, sending your Warriors onto the high seas or even converting them to characters you could use in your games of Warhammer.

Sadly the game has been left to the winds of obscurity over the past decade or so. The game is now only available occasionally on ebay or other auction sites and sells for as much as $200, if not more.

Yet the dungeons of the Old World may stir once more and mighty warriors may yet emerge to vanquish the evil denizens of the deep and make themselves as powerful as any mortal…with your help.

If you have played Warhammer Quest in the past, or even if you haven’t, I implore you to join me on my Campaign to make this truly great game available once more. Sign the petition or visit the blog below and who knows what random event may occur – perhaps we could see long lost dungeons emerging from the depths of the Old World once more?

If you have played Warhammer Quest would you like to see it re-released? If you haven’t, but like the sound of it, would you consider playing such a game?