I’m preparing to chat about Troops this week, but really, Yakface covered that in accurate detail. It’s funny, here Yakface collates and works tirelessly to contribute to the 40k tournament community, in a positive way, through the INAT FAQ. On REAL Earth, he designs governments for us to install on other universes. You guys know Spain? That’s one of his.

So I’ve been stuck in quarantine for a bit, it turns out that I’ve caused a bit of a paradox. My brain had like… four different realities in it. Things have settled down now and I can only really remember one, and bits of others. That’s good right? Do you guys know how bad it is to have PFD (Paradox Fueled Dimensia)? It’s bad. You have to sit in a room and wait it out. Like the waiting room at the dentist, but no highlights magazine.

Anyhoo, it looks like things have shifted, the sands have changed and so have some of our favorite metal immaciates (not a real word). I went over everything I wrote here, and only one thing needs changing. The big gods don’t make ALL the field dangerous and difficult. Now (or always?… I guess…) they just make Difficult terrain Dangerous. That’s a tad bit more in line. So take that for what it is worth.

Ok, moving on to Fast Attack then. Flipping a coin tells me that this codex isn’t like the Grey Knights and I’ll have to roll a pyramid shaped piece of plastic. Round and Round she goes… will she land on the Jump… no… the Beasts… No… The Jetbikes?… no… THE OTHER JUMP! Well that’s a bit boring. Destroyers. Look, lets make this simple… one entry, upgrade to heavy destroyers… still fast. Blah Blah.

I’m gonna talk about Wraiths instead. I know cheating. YOU’RE WELCOME.

The basics haven’t changed much, strength of a dreadnought (without a fist) and a pair of wounds each. The same cost as a terminator, same save as a terminator with a shield. Squad can fit in a razorback. All in all, a solid unit. Oh, and rending, that’s the big melee upgrade. You can also give them whips, with combined with their save can let them attack some of the enemy first, thus negating the suckage of  necron initiative.

In addition to that they can have guns!

First is the Exiler. This bad boy is a heavy single shot with pistol ranges. Rather than dealing damage it makes the unit pass a strength test or die. There is a bit of wonkyness in my memory, PFD and all, so that might get shaken up some as we go forward. It’s the most expensive of the options, clocking in at grey hunter prices.

Lastly you can give them a pistol, it’s got the same strength as their attacks, so that’s a nice touch, just an extra whammy before you assault. Also good for cracking open a transport. Bit expensive as it jumps them up 25% in cost.

So with fearless, the crazy save and rending, they can do a bit of damage. They only have as many attacks as a purifier, but hey, that’s still a hat trick on the charge. In games I’ve played against them they do really well against heavy hitter squads. Moving through terrain without taking tests and slamming into problem units with relative ease. A dozen wounds can hold for a long time against their equal, and you can even pull some minor wound allocation tricks (although, limited). I’m a big fan.

Of course, the PFD is kicking in… and now I seem to be comparing them to Scarabs… and nobody will ever take Wraiths when these Scarabs are an option.

Dammit, now I’m gonna have to go sit in a little room for a while.