I have been remiss in providing coverage of all the events that provide free tickets to the Throne of Skulls Games Workshop held event. Anyway this week I am going to get caught up and provide a round-up of all the events that happened for the month of June.

Almost caught up! Anyway, this time we have another mystery list that is waiting to be discovered from the great events of the Astronomi-Con. This year’s Toronto event had 54 players with some great looking armies and always fun missions.

The Overall winner of this event was James McBeath. He rode into town playing vanilla Space Marines.

Once again the Internet is bare on exactly what was in his list. Let us see if someone in the community can help us find it!

The Astronomi-Con always has some interesting awards here is a break down of those that took home some prizes.

Best Overall +++ James McBeath – Space Marines

Best Sportsman +++ Claudio Paola – Space Wolves

Best Army +++ Jonathan Tung – Space Marines

Best Appearance +++ John Beck – Eldar

Best General +++ John Gordon – Chaos Space Marines

Best Terrain +++ Robert Kelly – Fight Or Flight

Best Single Miniature +++ C. J.  Eldridge – Nurgle Plague Hulk

Best Army List +++ George Symon – Witch Hunters/Sisters of Battle

If you are looking for pictures from the tournament please take a minute to check out this blog…


If you look around you will also find Jonathan Tung Space Marine army which is just sublime…

Jonathan Tung Pre-Heresy Army

Another thing of note is Astronomi-Con is taking a big step by removing comp from their scoring and events! This is actually pretty big news because Astronomi-Con events are seen as mostly as hobby events, but now they have acknowledged 5th edition is designed well enough that comp is really irrelevant (at least that is my hope). Here is organizers “press-release” about the change…

For some time many of you have known that we have been unhappy with the Astronomi-con composition system as, with changes GW has made to many of their recent Codices, it now no longer works as intended in many ways.

As such – for Astronomi-con Vancouver (and the foreseeable future but Astro Van is a test case) there will be NO composition points scoring. Those points will currently ‘lie fallow’ so the convention will have a maximum of 180 points instead of 200.

First game seed will be based on a system used for Chess tournaments with a player’s previous Battle Point history used for initial game seed. For players with no history it will be random amongst the no history players.

These are what we will be doing for Vancouver and we will undoubtedly change and tweak things based on how these systems perform. We just made this decision literally moments ago – so you are being told as quickly as we can get this out.

If you want to learn more about the fantastic Astronomi-con events head on over to their website at…


One more event to cover and we will be done with June!

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