I have been remiss in providing coverage of all the events that provide free tickets to the Throne of Skulls Games Workshop held event. Anyway this week I am going to get caught up and provide a round-up of all the events that happened for the month of June.

Next we turn to the Independence Day Massacre which happen June 11th and 12th  in lovely Fayetteville Arkansas. IDM had 24 players and a level of list secrecy I had no idea still existed….

The Overall Winner was Jeremy Yates which has won the event a few years in a row. Normally Jeremy takes Mech Imperial Guard, but it seems from what little information anyone could gather he took Eldar Duel Seer Council this time.

I tried to contact the tournament organizer about his list, but was given a stern WE DO NOT GIVE OUT LISTS. Like army lists rose to the State Secrets or your Facebook password level. I thought the notion of protecting ones army list identity died out with dinosaurs or at least since the last Mark Parker sightings. Well I guess it still lives in parts of the 40k universe… like creationism museums.

So it would be much appreciated for my scientific work if someone could find the missing list. With that said you can find all other important information about this event in a few places.

First off for photos this and the missions that were used you can check out…

Independence Day Massacre Pictures and Missions

As for the results here you go.


Here is the guesstimate of the Top Ten army lists

1. Eldar (Dual seer counsel)
2. Demons (fiend heavy list)
3. Demons (fiend heavy list)
4.Tyranids (dual tyrant and doom)
5. Eldar (mechdar)
6. Orks (Kan wall)
7. Chaos Marines (obit and two special characters)
8. Dark Angels (deathwing)
9. Grey Knights (dual raven with asn as troops)
10. Blood Angels??

Hard to believe no Imperial Guard or Space Wolves makes me think that maybe Jeremy might have taken his Imperial Guard and this list here is all a ruse to throw the Army List Police off his trail.

Anyway another day another free ticket for Throne of Skulls was given out!

As well if you want to check out upcoming events head on over to Blood of Kittens Event Site at…


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