So here we are. The final Random Unit Review. Where shall I go after this? What will make people quit whining? Will I ever see the irony in my complaining about complainers? Will the Joker be able to thwart Batman’s evil plan? What? That’s different here? Fuck.

Oh, before I go to deep into Necron milling… I want to chat about the 6th Edition and Hrud rumors. Now, I’m not one to call people bald face liars (except when I do that exact thing all the time). But those rumors would represent a significant departure from my own timeline. I’m not saying that the people spreading those rumors should look into asbestos pants, I’m just saying that unless your world shifts a lot from my own… they are just making shit up. Wildly inaccurate wishlisting… that’s what it would be on the REAL Earth. Anything that is right would be pure luck. But hey, I’m not from YOUR future. So things could be correct. I just wouldn’t know.

Ok, so Necron Heavy Support. That’s what you are here to learn about. Rolling the d10 and divide by 2. Ooh, a 9… so that’s…4.5. Round down right? That’s what we do. So 4! The French Breakfast Bread!  This will be a quick one!

Like a Rhino on all sides, this vehicles is ready for even the most trying of circumstances. Made of the same material as the big pyramid, this bird can still move as fast as a razorwing! It’s two weapons make for a quick delivery of damage as it swoops down on the fleshy fleshy prey. While the main gun may be limited to pistol ranges, it more than makes it up for in oomph, rocking it at maximum strength and allowing none of those pesky armor saves (a big help against enemy vehicles too!).

But wait… there is more! Act now and you’ll also be able to fire all your weapons while cruising around the battlefield. All your weapons? Yes! Even the troop crushing destruct-o-magics! Once you’re taking fire from bolters, these would make even Edison blush, as they give autocannons are run for their money, even if they can’t even break an Orks leather. With a rate of fire comparable to the assault cannon, these weapons can hit multiple units, ruining all those multiple small units days.

So act now, and you too can make a parking lot look like a junkyard!

So there you have it! Some random Necron Units. I hope you have enjoyed this bit of trans-dimensional speculation (I know some of me has). As the PDS starts to subside from anything I might have changed, I’ll come back with a bit more.