Game 5 is about to start will add coverage as it happens.

Round 5 top five tables

1. David Light (mech blood angels) vs. Dashofpepper (Mech Dark Eldar)
2. Alan barjamovic (Foot Orks) vs. Chad Knight (mech blood angels)
3. Michael Strange (grey knights) vs. Kenny Boucher (khorne demons)
4. Shawn Lowrey (mixed dark eldar) vs Russell Adams (mech sisters)
5. Joseph Cherry (grey knights) vs. Chandler Lee (grey knights)

Game 5 over

Dash gets more points stays at table 1. Orks win table 2 so dash gets horde orks.

Table 2 will be Michael strange vs. Joseph cherry grey knights vs grey knights

Table 3 Marc Parker battlewagon orks vs. Adam Cortez (hybrid khan marines)

Well table three got over with really quick… Like 15min and khan marines called it with a bold move to kill all the battlewagons and failed. So Marc Parker moves on with max points and looking at the rest of tables Marc should be on the top table for the final round.

Here are some pictures from the top table dash vs. David light will add more as they go

So dash and Alan horde Orks tie on points in what was a great game. Both had a great time. The game only got through turns, but honestly Dash’s list plus foot Orks and 2 hours you really cannot fault them.

So looks like Marc Parker Orks (he now has proxy battlewagons). Shawn Lowrey (dark elder), Joe Cherry (grey knights) and a mystery person either Dash or Allan will be on the top tables.

Well I got that totally wrong.

Table 1 is Joe Cherry Grey Knights with Stormraven. Vs Allan Horde Orks (which ended up winning the game against Dash)

Table 2 is Marc Parker (battlewagon orks) vs. Shawn Lowrey (mixed dark Eldar)

Table 3 is Ben Mohile (vulkan list) vs. Dash (Venom spam dark Eldar)

It is really anyone’s game they all can win.

So far (1 hour in) table 1 is getting testy with rad grenades hammerhand and hiding from the ork horde. It really doesn’t look good for the grey knights, but the stormraven is alive so it can contest. Orks have nob bikers about move in

Table 2

Marc Parker has bad dice and Shawn has good dice. Dark Eldar win. Shawn will either have best general or best overall.

Table 3

Ben max points Dash loses but gets bonus points.

Back to table 1

Paladin squad is going on an Ork killing spree. The question is it enough?

Well it was not enough. Orks win out and just have to see where the points land.

Best overall was Shawn Lowrey Dark Eldar.

2nd Best Overall was Allan Nob Biker/green tide Orks

Best General Ben Mohlie Vulcan Marines.