Here is another in the continuing series of pimping work for others around the net. My 40k battlebrother DocDragon is running a 40k tournament in California and wanted to let everyone know about it here is the details…

CelestiCon is a gaming convention over Labor Day weekend in Redwood City (SF Bay Area) California. I will be attending this 40k tourney, organized by DocDragon who has run events up and down the West Coast for years. Here is the format for the event…

Warhammer 40K Tournament
Saturday, 8:00 AM for 11 hours.
Gamemaster: Doc Dragon
Game: Warhammer 40K
GM Provides Miniatures? No
Army Points: 1,500 pts
Rules Knowledge: Required
Army Size: 1,500 points. Special Characters are allowed. All missions will be
straight out of the rule book. Expect one of each Mission type and one of each
deployment type. Allies: No Allies of any kind will be allowed in your army. All
models must be fully painted.
For directions and schedule check out…