You may have noticed posts from Blood of Kittens have been coming in more sporadic than usual. The reason for the irregularity is behind the scenes Blood Kittens has been working on a little project that has taken quite a bit of time away from normal blogging. The project we hope will make the job of finding blogs and certain topics that much easier.

Blood of Kittens has created a new site that has taken 350 (just the start) 40k blogs and put them in one easy to find place. The site has already compiled over 7,000 posts for searching and clicking. Now this site is just a hub, a glorified blog roll that allows for searches by topic or blog. It is also has small excerpts of the posts you find so can check before you click.

Right now the 40k blog community is fragmented because of all the different blog rolls we use. The hope is that this site will make it easier for people to find other blogs. As well most bloggers don’t know how to site optimize or care for that matter, so finding what you are looking for can be painful. This new Blood of Kittens site should change that and it doesn’t require folks to put a little kitty icon somewhere on their own site. Also blogrolls only show the latest a particular blog has to offer, with this site you can search a back blog of posts to see what you may have missed.

The site does need some help though from you the readers. Let me know what blogs we are missing! The only rule is that they have to be 40k centric in keeping with Blood of Kittens’s focus and they also have to be active with updates at least every five weeks.

The site is also still a work in progress. Some things need  better optimizing and certain features added, but I wanted to let folks know now so we can hit the ground running.

So where can you find this wonderful new site well…

Warhammer 40k Blog Hub



And in other news…
Some people have noticed that Blood of Kittens Art site is down. We are currently redoing the layout and added more art an ETA for it being back up is still up in the air. As well some major other changes are coming to Blood of Kittens on how content is organized so stay tuned! Also blogs that are part of the Blood of Kittens Network will now be fed from the main Blood of Kittens site direct whenever they make a new post.

Oh, and rumors we hope to pull something out of the warp soon…