Most of you are aware by now the NovaOpen starts tonight! As well most of you should be aware of a hurricane on a collision course. From the storm tracker it looks like the hurricane will only effect the event by the time it is almost over. Making the final table of the grand tournament that much more epic!

For those leaving on Sunday I would suggest getting a room for that night because I am thinking your car might be picked up and taken out to sea otherwise. As for the event itself here is the schedule…

As well a live feed (brought to by the 11th company podcast) will be supplied for anyone wanting to watch the most important events! Here is the links for that. Player URL:

Tonight kicks off with the “celebrity” challenges segment of the show. I don’t know who is fighting who, but I am sure it will be entertaining.

So barring any list point mishaps, fights breaking out over cash prizes, or hurricanes bearing down the NovaOpen looks to be bigger and much wetter than before.

Here is the embedded live feed player if you are too lazy to click on links… Look for things to get started way later today.

Live video for mobile from Ustream