I think it has been a week since last I posted. Changing servers and dealing with my weak Internet skills took longer than I expected. Anyway Blood of Kittens is back working better than ever. I was able to make some much-needed changes to the resource websites for Blood of Kittens and as such you all should go check them out.

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Besides slaving away on the website I’ve been mustering a Necron force from the depths of a forgotten Tomb World.

Why Necrons? Well as many of my friends know I love to challenge myself: getting armies painted and assembled in record time. I like using a deadline of to get a project finished. So in celebration of my journey to Seattle this weekend, I decided on a challenge– build and paint a 2000 point Necron army starting from nothing. Did I mention I only had about 14 days to complete it? Here is a picture of Necrons I ended up buying…


That is not including the characters models I had to get as well.

My progress so far (three days before I need it finished)…

As you can see I still have a lot of work left

Just going on vacation isn’t usually enough to get my painting bug going. I need an event to attend to see my project through and this trip is no different. I am heading up to see my good friend Chaos Gribel and I plan to  attend the semi-annual TSHFT 40k tournament. TSHFT is home of  the Ork maestro Fluger (which will not be playing for some child rearing reason) still I expect some of the best players from the Northwest to show up. I have no allusions of doing well at this event; playing a new army with new rules and very little playtesting doesn’t make for a great recipe. My list doesn’t look to help much either…

Storm Lord

Destroyer Lord

Royal Court 2 Crypteks 3 Necron Lords

One 10-man squad Praetorians

Four 5-man squads of Immortals

3 Monoliths

= 2000 points

So I am hoping to win one game and maybe two.

If you are interesting in checking out TSHFT I highly recommend it if you are in the area. For more information check out their Facebook page.


and for a good battle report from the last TSHFT check out Chaos Gerbil’s report


I think I mentioned something about playtesting my Necrons?

Oh yeah…

So far I’ve only gotten one game in and my opponent was none other than Reece Robbins of

Frontline Gaming: Discount Hobby, Paint and Terrain Service, Podcast, Blog and Videos!

He made a little video battle report of the game. I went up against his Foot Dar with an 1850 version of my list. It was loads of fun trying out all the nifty Necron abilities and I learned a lot.

Take a look as these videos and see who gets schooled!



Well guys that is a quick update of what is going at BoK.

More to come!