Over the course of time Blood of Kittens has been around I have railed against many different groups. I though have had particular zeal (some reason) against the “competitive” crowd. Not because they were competitive or WAAC, but because  they never seem to have hard evidence to support their mastery of Warhammer 40k. They could always talk a good game, but really ever win anything worthwhile to prove their points. The problem is, the majority of players that win major events and actually have a record worth a damn don’t write blogs or even comment for them. So what we are left with is loud mouth braggarts or erudite trolls that at most have mastered the art of skinning seals for sport in their local areas.

Worse still many of these same folks who own blogs focus on list building or fighting the hot button issues of the day. Why? part lazy and part easy to do perhaps. It is quite an easy lift to post an email and ask comments. It is only marginally harder to pick-up words like “redundancy” “cost efficiency” and portray yourself as Schliemann of the 40k world when in reality you are scratching just below the level of the obvious. If that isn’t good enough throw up some math equations in the hopes that a simple algorithm can account for all the permutations that go into a single game of 40k. Still no matter how you dress it up the content is just about list building nothing more.

The real purpose of this post: why is it so hard to talk about tactics?

From deployment to the final dice roll. Like real tactics– like play-by-play analysis. You know using that aspect of the game people seem to avoid: movement. Even “what if” scenarios with advice would provide more stimulating content then telling me take three of some unit. I am not talking about gimmicks either I want to read about how to get the best out of a unit or army, I am well beyond being told if it is good or bad.

It is just something to time consuming to discuss in less than 1000 words?

It could have something to do with the sheer amount of armies that 40k has to offer, but if tactical choices were so plentiful wouldn’t we see that mirrored in the different army lists we see across the Internet? Instead, the fulcrum of discussion under the guise of tactics is all about the list and is it better than yours or mine. Maybe the myths of list building obscure people away from discussions regarding tactics.

Or is Warhammer 40k just not that kind of game?

As it is Blood of Kittens is and will never be a tactical emporium site (spitting in-depth tactical game) for the world bask in. Without mentioning the big sites (which actually don’t do the job) I am curious if there are some hidden gems, sites or forums that do? What undiscovered sites have come close; I am curious to know and if they don’t exist what roadblocks prevent a site from having it?